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Does someone know this kit from AutoACSolutions?

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I have a very similar kit, well, it uses most of the same major components. the controls are different. Its installed on a 71 and works quite well.

However, and with the presumption that the idea of paying for a kit is to allow you to install all consonants without having to run all over town looking for misc small components, at that it failed.

The fit of the "suitcase" under the dash is horrible, this is a universal device, not engineered very well in my estimation , The instructions were completely useless.

Just about everything required massaging to fit and, for example, there is a door that switches from vents to the defrost, its just behind the 4 outlets on top, it has a built in seal that got stuck to the housing preventing the door from working at all, had to tear off the gasket/ seal piece by piece and fish it out via those 4 vent holes.  

Overall, a terribly engineered product specially for the cost, but hey...you want working AC right?


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