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After a long search during Covid season, I finally found a solid S30 to start my next project car. I got a 77 280Z off Facebook Market Place from Augusta, Georgia and trailered it home a few weeks ago. I'm working on the punch list but so far on the short list I need to figure out how to open the driver door (exterior handle is broken and interior handle doesn't work) and replace the bushings in the transmission shifter.


Long term plans include engine swap from a 81 280zx L28ET, 5 speed trans swap, suspension upgrade, and new cooling system among a few other upgrades to improve reliability and modernize the car a bit. I'm looking forward to posting some progress updates here and learning from the other members on the forum to make this build happen.





280Z 1.jpg

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Hello Newbie, Looks like you have found a decent looking car.  Should you need help with most anything related to your new z, there is tons of good information here at HybZ and over on ClassicZcar.  Searching past post will reveal discussions on most topics and well thought out questions usually are answered by those who have traveled the road before.  Welcome.    

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Howdy Adam, and welcome to HBZ!  Nice find there....good luck with your planned projects for it.  ClassicZCar.com is another good resource, as suggested by @Mayolives.  Also some good reading and tech tips here:  https://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/


If you don't have a Factory Service Manual yet, you can download for free at:  http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/fsm.html


WRT the driver's door....I would first try removing the small finishing piece on the interior handle (should be a a pop-off/on plastic piece, followed by a metal trim piece held in place by a single phillips-head screw.)  Once removed, you should be able to manipulate the long arm attached to the door latch and get the door open.  If that doesn't work, you should probably remove the entire interior door card, which will give you complete access to all the inner mechanisms for the window and door latch/lock.


There's not as many vendors left that provide OEM-style parts as there used to be, but still a few good ones left.  Check out these places for those hard-to-find piece-parts.

MSA, "http://www.zcarparts.com/".

Z Car Source, https://zcarsource.com/

Z Car Depot, https://zcardepot.com/

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