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Fuel tank pickup


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I have an early 74 260 and am converting my tank over to support FI. I am going to be running some sort of surge tank, most likely Radium. My tank is similar to this, if not the exact same one:

Right now I was planning on using the stock pickup line from the tank connected to a carter/280zx/carb pump as my feeder pump, then having a new return port brazed to the top of the tank (mainly so I can keep my vapor lines intact). I'm sending my tank out for cleaning anyway. I'm replacing all my hard lines under the car so anything from the surge tank forward will be fine.


Just wondering if I will have any fuel starvation issues using the stock pickup point to feed my surge tank. This is mostly a streetcar but I do intend on putting some track (circuit) time on it. Thanks for any info!

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My '71 tank only had a single baffle between the left and right side of the tank.  The pickup is on one side.  So if the 260's tank is the same then in a low fuel and continuous high G situation you could momentarily starve your lift pump.  That shouldn't be an issue since you'll have the contents of your surge tank to prevent the engine from starving.  Just as long as your lift pump is good a sucking (re-priming, not all pumps are good at this) then having that momentarily stop in cooling shouldn't cause it to die.

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