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Is it possible to bore a l24 to fit 89mm pistons

Estoque grigio

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Fitting Liners is the way it was always done for big engines. You can muck about trying to find a block that might take a boring (and that usually is an L28 Block) but overseas where block casting numbers as well as stamps are checked for compliance with national inspection criteria, people have been making 3.2 liter L20A's since the early 80's when I was in Japan.

This obsession with boring on OE metal and aversion to Liners is just laughable to me. How many Keith Black Hemis are there that don't run Sleeves? Different animal altogether I understand, and different maintenance routine for sure... but if they'll handle over 1,000 HP per hole, I think a liner will be just fine in any L-Block... just mind the head stud clearance as that's the OD Max Limit...

Or IS it? Mowhahahahhaha!


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