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Is there any good write-ups on r200 differential rebuilds (specifically a s130 diff)


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I am going to have to rebuild the diff myself and i have seen a couple you tube videos and i have a factory manual but i also wanted to see if anyone here has any good write-ups. i just want to get as much info as possible to fill in blanks were mayb a you tube video skipped over something or at certain steps my manual gets confusing. The search feature on this site didnt give me any great results. i am mechanical enough to do it, i have all the tools. just sometimes i say its best to pay the professionals and this time it back fired on me. i know there are r200's for the s13's also i believe and so i put my model specifically in the title incase there are differences.


The story behind this:

i have a 83 280zx with a LS swap and so i had Quaife internals installed 10yrs ago. Last year i had a pinion bearing go bad. i couldnt get ahold of the guy who originally did it so i had someone else "reputable" do it and they didnt put enough preload in it. he straight up told be he put about 4inlbs of preload in. ofcoarse the pinion bearing started whinning pretty good again. i even put it on the lift, had one buddy bring the car up to 40mph while i listened underneath the car with a stethoscope to confirm the noise is indeed coming from the pinion bearing location. The guy who rebuilt it said it couldnt have been something he did and he would look at it when he had a chance but he was "real busy". I real A-hole basically 

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When he rebuilt it he showed me one of the bearing races he took out and it had a chatter mark on it. We both agreed that was most likely the cause of the excessive whinning that i heard which made me have it rebuilt in the 1st place. im assuming at this point that it happened again (the chatter marks on the race). i will certainly inspect it when i take it apart.

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When the problem 1st happened i checked the drain plug and there was metal shavings on the magnetic end. After having rebuilt and the noise came back, i once again found shavings. I drove for a week since i kinda new it was just the bearing, there was no more shavings and the noise stayed consistent. 

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