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Gas Pedal Height


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One thing that's always bugged me about the s30 Zs was the gas pedal height in relation to the brake pedal for heel and toe.


For whatever reason the Z pedal has always felt low to me compared to my other vehicles and I'm pretty sure my pedal isn't bent downwards or something as I've experienced in some other Zs. 


So I made a spacer plate to bring the pedal height up on my current Z car. 


Is this a common issue with the s30s or are there some other adjustments I am missing?


I thought about adjusting the clutch and brake pedals downwards but they actually feel correct to me where they are. 



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Try an older 911, they're ridiculous enough that they sell gas pedal extensions and blocks to make it easier to heel toe.

I like your solution, though the spacer looks thin. Just make sure after you install that you're getting full throttle and not overextending the cable. Will probably need to adjust the stop.

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Thanks @JMortensen. Good to know I'm not alone here. I was considering getting another pedal and bending it up but was afraid to fatigue the metal and have my gas pedal possibly break off. 


Yeah I made a couple of the plates, I think they are 1/8" scrap and can be stacked. Will check that pedal stop at the bottom again for WOT. 

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