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Looking for bore size of L28ET oil jets


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I own a 280Z and in the book "How to Modify Your Nissan & Datsun OHC Engine" by Frank Honsowetz he describes enlarging the oil-jet from 2.0 mm to 3.17 mm to increase oil flow to the head to improve oil lubrication of the Cam and rocker arms.

I found out that the L28ET uses a different oil pump and different oil jets.
Unfortunately, I cannot find the bore size of these jets anywhere and I am really curious if the Nissan engineers increased the oil flow to the cylinder head for the Turbo version.

Does anybody have the opportunity to measure the openings of the oil jets for me?
Thank you very much.


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1 hour ago, A to Z said:

The little bit I do know about this, is that you need to upgrade your oil pump to a 280ZX turbo pump to handle the excess oil flow.

I already have the turbo pump, but I just found out that also the oil jet sizes are different and I would like to know how the Nissan engineers modified them as well. Are there any other changes I should be aware of?

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