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280z Vintage air vent adapter


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Hey everyone. I developed and 3d printed an adapter to go from the vintage air mini gen II tube to the center vent on the 280z and figured others might want to utilize it as well. I'm figuring $20 and it's shipped to your door (U.S., I don't know about international shipping).


for mine I mounted it in a carbon fiber center section so I also can include the stands to offset the air vent and a cut template to utilize.


image.jpeg.63cb3adea9baad6d82a4673bd9312657 (1).jpeg

image.jpeg.9dd6e4d5e825c50ca0260d9532f69973 (1).jpeg

20231226_151620.jpg.ae8169a187f1497d1b94140933fc7e5f (1).jpg

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I did something very similar a few years ago, but I had the tabs to bolt it in in the same location as the original, and I kept the same angle on the rear inlet as the stock piece.


It flows okay as well, but it tends to flow mostly out the center. I had some help with this design since I'm a complete novice with 3D modeling software, but if I could do it again, I would add some kind of center diverter to prevent the air from just flowing into the center and actually directing it slightly to the side to each vent.




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