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Scarab Z bodykit?


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Jim Cook Racing used to make a pair of rear flares that looked similar to that. Also Import Performance out of Upstate Newyork ( I may be wrong, been a while! :D ) used to make a set of the Scarab style "body Kit" parts. However, I know that Import Performance went out of business, or sold all the Zcar stuff, because I got a flyer on the stuff, and called... About 5 years ago. They were selling stuff by the pallet. You basically had to buy the stuff in bulk because they were getting out of the Zcar and older celica & RX7 stuff.


For all intent and purpose, when we're done with Jim's car, it will NOT be a scarab anymore. Jim retained the Scarab Shifter to use as wall art, since that is the only real Scarab part left that we haven't sold or reused to date!



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Guest 280ZForce
MY Z :

did a girl used to own your Z? unless u r a girl..then my bad. just wonderin how the paint scheme came along and the painted carbs as well. just unlike anything i've ever seen b4 :confused:


way cool reppin' the Z all the way in Kuwait tho!

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that style of paint was very popular in the late 70's early 80's. i have some mattel hot wheel cars from that period with that style paint.


it was a psychedelic paint job, often called panelling.


it was not uncommon to find that done on brand new 76 to 78 280z's sold at the datsun dealerships here in california.


another california sold vehicle that comes to mind was when the toyota 4x4 trucks 1st hit the market, toyota dealerships sold a truck called the LOBO. strobed strip down the side and that panel paint style on top the fenders and hood.


other than the hood, the rest of the paint may well be as it was sold off the dealer's lot.


as far as the air horns on the carbs, not my cup of tea, but to each his own.


i'm sure in Kuwait any sort of z car is far and few between.


one would really have to love the z to put up with the lack of parts and the expense of the up keep.


this owner has every right to be proud of that z and show it off !


welcome to the group, glad to have you with us !


the body kit is called the california z. it was a popular styling kit for the z, especially the scarab. though if i recall correctly, most of those kits were on the 280 and very few were on the 240. the ISMA ( ?? ) look was the rage then. plenty of chevy monzas running around with the big shoulder look.


if you look at the rear fenders the tops are flat, the look of the popular race cars of the era. the california z kit was a softer less exagerated version of the race car body look.


out of canada, there is a company http://www.showcars-bodyparts.com/240z.html that reproduces the california z kit. though many here have strongly suggested that unless you can walk into his factory and pick up your parts, not to deal with him.


the other place was SICK performance in Australia. though last time i checked, the website was gone. prices were great, but shipping to california ( size does matter ) was gonna cost me 1300 american bucks, the entire kit was 1200. made from the original molds not a mold taken from another car.


check out this car it is the complete kit, down to the funky square head lamps.





another with shot of Jim Cook's catalog




back in april of 2004, some one here at hybrid was selling a whole kit. may still have it or the person that bought it may have it stashed away in the garage.



good luck with your hunt !


with the exception of those funky front fenders ( was gonna use Mr. Washington's front fenders, as are on Dan's blue z ) back when i used to have a little extra pocket change, the california z kit was what i wanted as well.



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I'm about 99.9% sure that the Rear Flares on that Z in the Scarab Brochure were the Jim Cook Racing "California Z" body kit:



I used to have that same California Z photo on my wall as a high school kid. I cut it out of a Jim Cook Racing Catalog.


The front air dam on the Scarab Z in that brochure was probably made by another company as well. I have that Scarab Z article and a catalog from them from about 1981 as well.

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Posted (edited)

If you can find the full kit it is called The Jim Cook Racing "California Z" Body Kit. I built one that I had found in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Back in 1991 when you could actually purchase other fiberglass pieces like, front widebody vented fenders, rear widebody vented quarter panels, front ground spoiler xf, doors and hoods, rear hatch, different style rear wings, in-cased front light covers that were made with racetrack racing in-mind. They offered other mechanical racing parts as well. All of my pictures were lost in moving unfortunately. I have not yet seen a build like mine, I shortened the front clip and made it a tilt front end with a modified 350Z twin turbo, transmission and rear-end. Much more self-made fiberglass and carbon fiber pieces including back light panel with used Ferrari taillights, custom door panels unlike any I have seen, and I customized ground effects along with the front and rear spoilers. All this reminiscing makes me want to build another 240Z but with a 370Z engine, trans and rear-end. Good luck to you the S30's are very fun to build.

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