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Hi, awhile ago i was around the boards just interested in the idea of a SBC in a Z. Now im really considering this but i have a few questions.


Let me start out by saying i have a 350 SBC thats been sitting on the engine stand for quite some time. should be pushing out between 400-425HP at the crank, which is decent power.


id like to know what rearend you guys are using, and what are some readilly availible gear ratios offerd for the stock rear (if its useable)


and what transmission is best to use, and if the clutch cables will mount right up from the datsun to the chevy.

Does the shifter tunnel line up comfertably or am i going to have to hack up the floor and/or center console.


I will be using a JTR conversion kit, with there headers and radiator.


are there any other parts that i should look into now? any other upgrades on the body i would need before being able to do the swap?


what have you guys done for exhust? i was thinking Bending up my own , but if there is somthing that would work that i could just buy upfront that could save alot of head aches.


what have some of you done for gauges? and was it hard to wire them up to the chevy wireing harness?


do i need to buy a low rise distributor to clear the firewall?


and what aftermarket aircleaner will fit under the stock hood?



Links would be greatly appreciated to supporting parts.


Im trying to get this build planned out as much as possible and have all the kinks worked out so i know exactly what im getting myself into before i even think about starting. thanks



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Guest Thiefton

You said yourself 400-425hp in a 2500lb beutiful car, that's why you want to do the conversion. Now go by the manual and hit up the search function for this website. All the "old timers" here have answered all of these questions before.

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Powershift here are just SOME of the sites I used to help me on my conversion, enjoy.


Last but not least. Read Petes web site it has GREAT info. If you skip just this partial list I have read Petes page. Enjoy .:lol:http://mywebpages.comcast.net/pparaska/.

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I've had people want me to copy my manual or parts of it and send to them, because of the "high" cost of the manual....................



i had the same thing happen to me when i bought my 2nd jtr book from ebay.

the nerve of these people!

like u said pete if you cant shell out 40 bucks for a CONVERION MANUAL.

what makes you think you can come up with the rest of the money for the parts?


if the search doesnt work(doubt)

just go back like 50 pages and read those. some people keep a log on their conversions.

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Guest tony78_280z
obviously search aint workin out to well for me, i cant find ****.


Hey, I have never even seen a JTR manual, and I did this swap! :-D But I'm tellin you, YOU WANT THAT BOOK! Especialy if you can't work the search function.

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