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Post a Update on your project Z's!!!! everybody!

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Guest RuThLeSsNiCa03


right here youll be able to see what i bought and what i got for the 1jz


some stuff i got already....


1. 1jz complete with harness

2. tial waste gates

3. hks drager exhaust

4. apexi turbo timer/ boost control/blitz turbo timer

5. supra intercooler


i think thats about it....

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Running the 350 since October 2005, daily driver since December 2005, had three problems in nearly two years and 15kmiles.


1. The throttle cable snapped in the first 5k (MSA 350 conversion cable) bad design.


2. I put a vacuum hose nipple on the gasoline return line temporarily... only I forgot about it and it eventually cracked and the pressure in the tank when the tank heated on a hot day pushed gas out the return line (must have been left in the line from December 2004's last run with the six). Luckily it didn't catch fire since it was nowhere near the exhaust. I put a fuel hose on it , bent it over and clamped it, no problem since.


3. Eventually I need to flip the JTR transmission bar (apparently I installed it upside down), it scrapes on speed bumps, but so does the 2.5" dual part of the exhaust... :redface: I do have guide rails and a belly plate on my shelf just waiting to go on. I just like driving the car so much I don't want to put it out of commission to re do the exhaust and transmission bar.


I finally got all new bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, etc, and moved the lower control arm attachment points per JTR and removed the 1/2" spacers. The drivability is amazingly better. I had all the usual problems, drifting, bad bump steer, really rough ride, now it's really as smooth as my 1991 Volvo, but so much more controllable obviously.


The steering is very sensitive, and even less than a 1/4" oz tire out of balance translates to a slightly vibrating steering wheel on the freeway.


My next phase will install a lightweight flywheel and a 200 rear, but it'll require a new driveshaft so I'm stalling on that one because as I said, I just really like driving it and a the tone of the exhaust on the freeway at 65-70 is very satisfying (at under 1500rpm with the .5 6th ratio) and I don't want to mess that up with a slightly higher rear.


the catalytic converter is holding up, it almost never smells now only if I'm costing for a long distance as the cat falls out of it's operating range of stochastic ratio.

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