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Guest ON3GO

Post a Update on your project Z's!!!! everybody!

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Guest ON3GO

me 1st cause im Kool with a K.


Ole Blue


Sitting because im in Texas.

Thinking about selling it but im not sure yet, doubt i can part ways with it.

if i end up keeping it the following parts will be going on it, there either sitting in the garage, storage, or my friends shop.


Arizona Z Car oil pan

JDM Black Fender Mirrors

Euro Tail Lights

MSA polished/chrome misc engine parts

Z32 5-speed (lets hope it stays mine, Pinks guys know)


I have a set of ZG flares i wanna put on her with either my Volk TE37's or CCW's off my green Z.. i just dont know if i wanna flare her yet or at all.


right now i dont want to sell her but i dunno.


Once i get back to florida ill be picking up my 75' project 280Z.

ill be pretty much letting it sit till my "garage" is done, im going to start 100% over with it, and ill prob be putting a 7MGTE that Ronin gave me (gonna rebuild it 1st).


ill also have a spare L28ET motor ill be building.

Ross Forged Pistons are on order already.

rods im not sure about but i know the P90 head will be sent to BRAAP for Rusch Motorsports to do a full build up on it.

ARP hardware is already bought, along with a few other key parts.

pretty much want to go full tilt on it.






Getting it back it back next month, ASAP the car is going to be driven!!

been way to long and i want to drive the snot out of her.

when the time comes (prob 4 months) she will be getting a 5 lug swap, camber plates, AZC full big brakes and suspension package (her coilovers and big brakes are going on the blue Z) and my Work Equip 01's are going on her!

they have been at the anodize (sp?) shop for over 6 months now and i want to pick those babys up!

then ill paint the car and let her be for awhile.


phase 2 for that car is undesided, it will hit 10's with the L28ET 1st before it see's the other engine.




ok ok ok ok... i know its not a Z but my Scion xB.

as some of you may know it was NAILED by hail the other day and has dents all over the hood, roof, and hatch/spoiler, also some on the front fenders.

its insured so the money i collect on that will go towards a Carbon Fiber hood, Carbon Fiber Hatch, Carbon fiber spoiler, and best of all Carbon Fiber roof panel!!

Looking for wheels right now, either Volk CE's or Work Equip 01's.. 15in or 16in.

suspension is already done on it, but i want to add some better shocks/struts and i want something i can adjust, not sure what brand yet.

Headliner is getting dyed black, along with some of the interior panels and a rear strut bar will be installed once i get back to florida.


Conquest TSi.... she will sit for abit while i desided on either LS1 (have it) or 7MGTE (getting it).


what about your projects??



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Guest BiltWel

Hey man whats up here's the status on some of mine:

1969 Cutlass- picking it up next weekend hopefully(needs top,interior redo, and paint) going to try to get her finished in time to enjoy this summer.

1951 Special Deluxe- In semi perminant stasus

1979 Camaro needs paint finished and interior also hope to be finished in time for some summer fun

1973 240- almost ready for the Bay all she needs is a very small amount of wiring, new seat covers, carpet, exhaust finished, tuneing,windsheild, radio,and the rear brake light surround painted and installed.

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1979 280zx - Waiting to be gutted and scrapped. Motor, trans and wiring is going into the 240z.


1972 240z - Swapping over the intake and wiring harness from the ZX next week. Fuel system is going to be purchased in a couple of weeks and Brakes come a couple after that. Once those are installed I'll be driving it!! YAY!!!


1996 Intrepid - Fabbing up an adapter plate for the new intake manifold, should be done by the end of the week. The Dodge Intrepid International Meet is in Chicago on the 20th, so I need to get it done by then.

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LT-1 street/track car


Motor at Carolina Auto Masters. Should pick up this Friday. I'll have a 383 with head and cam package. Front suspension rebuilt and TC rods replaced with techno toy units. It will be on the track Memorial day at Roebling road.


LS-1 track car.


Body work mostly done,

engine and dry sump mounted and everything works!

AZ suspension and brakes

Wilwood pedals and dual masters

Butler built seat

At shop now for cage install.

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My 260 has been..


Rewired, need to finish up once everything is in place.

New Struts, springs, bushings

New floorpans

Sub frame connectors

Fuel cell and (almost) all connections complete not sure how happy I am w/ it

welded up cracks in front seam of doors

Auto power bar installed (currently out)

355 chevy is complete ready to turn over

T-5 is apart, waiting on ford racing "R" gear set and rebuild kit to come in and it will get put back together w/ Ram PP and clutch disk w/ Tilton master and HTOB.

Drive shaft has been measured and I need to take the parts in to get it made.

Toyota brakes in front, need to get new master, and bleed system.


I have been working really hard on getting this thing going, right now the trans is keeping me from droping everything into the car.

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Aren't all Z's project Z's?????


73 Street/Track car: Motor showing zero oil pressure when hot after a track session, and down on performance. Pan is off, rod caps pulled, all rod bearings look like new. Motor is stripped and ready to come out, maybe this weekend. Suspect cam bearing failure.


71 Track Car: Completely stripped and gutted, waiting in line to go to the hot tank.


71 VZ Street Car: At least this one is running and driving, needs a wash and wax after getting caught in the rain with it.


Too many cars, too much work!!!!



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Turning my Z into a 60`s gasser!


Full rollcage.

Striaght front axle W/ leafspring,ford spindles and chevy brakes.

Ford 8.8 rear W/3.73 posi.

Ladderbar suspension.

Removable frontend.

Wheelwell headers.

400 sbc W/Tunnelram dualquad intake.


Later bbc with 6-71 blower either 396 or 454


Corvette rallys all around 15x4 front and 15x10 rear w/ 14"wide DOT slicks.


Basicly a racecar with the option for street use.



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my 260z has the rear suspension torn out of it with most of the pieces sitting in the parts washing tank. Urethane bushings are waiting patiently to be put in. Deciding if I should powder coat the suspension pieces or just paint them. Also cleaning up some of the underside of the car. I am amazed at how clean this car is for how old it is. There are a few scrapes on the underside of the floor pans and on the gas tank form somebody taking it four wheeling or whatever but still in very good shape.

Thinking about doing coil overs while it is all apart but am afraid of the "while I'm at it" syndrome.

Then on to the front suspension.

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My 240z is sitting in the garage while I do a MAJOR clean up and reorgainzation, then mods for this summer:


Z32 tranny

Z31 turbo axles

Aluminum front splitter

Other aero work

Methonal injection

tune for 20-25 psi


Then perhaps some flairs and what not but I havent got there yet....

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I was just making a list for myself, so this is timely:



gutted interior

built rotisserie and mounts

Stitch welded chassis

Bad Dog subframe connectors

Relocate and strengthen TC rod pivots

New 4 point roll bar (well, 95% done)

New seat bracket for Ultra-Shield seat

4.11 gears and shimmed Nissan LSD

New front diff mount

Rust repair - new doglegs, fixed cowl rust, drip rail rust

Shaved drip rails

sectioned struts

New wheel bearings

280z stub axle upgrade

CV upgrade

fabbed rear toe adjuster mechanism

notched rear frame rail for control arm clearance

Reinforced front sway bar mount point

Strengthened strut tower bar


In progress:

swaybar mods

mod rear control arms for monoballs


To do:


dual master cylinder setup

fuel cell

install wilwood brake setup

plumb brakes and fuel cell

make new TC rods to fit new mount

make bumpsteer adjustable outer tie rod

modify carb linkage

install gutted doors

new rear panel/tail lights

new airdam

rebuild 5 speed

wire car

new headgasket

prep for paint


reassemble the whole freakin car



going to a full cage

more chassis structure and bracing

more headwork/porting


Then when this motor eventually pops (and I realize this will require years of thrashing that won't happen until I actually get the damn thing driving):

LS1 swap


So yeah, it ain't getting done any time soon :(

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280zxt - Wideband getting ordered soon (14mpg city....), all urethane bushings at home, other minor tweaks to MSnS. Dent free hood and door on hand, dad's hoping to respray it soon. Also possibly adding quick release wheel and more modern seats.


280z - Full suspension rebuild this summer, full rewire, MS getting installed. Haven't decided on whether to go FI or hot NA.


280zx NA - Daily driver status, nothing major being done.


Possible projects: 1969 1600 Fairlady Roadster. Needs carb work supposedly, eventually gonna swap in an engine, thinking SR20DE. Pretty sure we're buying it...



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240Z has gutted interior but some new weatherstripping---still trying to find out where the water is coming in. Some bodywork done: drip rails shaved and C-pillar vents shaved.


350 V8 is basically ready on an engine stand, although I have some aluminum heads with roller rockers that I need to install, but I may wait until everything is in the car and running first before I do yet another thing.


Hmmmm, JTR parts, check. Radiator, check. Q45 diff, check. Subtle Z hood, check, 1-off airdam, check, 3" mandrel bent exhaust, check. Coil-overs, check. New seats, check. New guages, check. Anything I forgot?...gotta check ;)


Not going to be finished for a while. House comes first.



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Z is ready to go, waiting on my brother, he is going to be upgrading the rear suspension to cv's. Going way to fast for U-Joints. Hopeing to have it ready for September Southeastern Shoot out and will be doing 8's in the 1/4 mile, that is if the track officials will let us run again. They were very hesitated last time in March.


Stripping a 300Z, getting it ready to small block Chevy for a friend of mine, also bought a 300Z for $50.00 dollars with a broken timming belt, hope to get running as a daily driver.


Monte Carlo waiting for its turn in the shop, along with my Tube chassis car project.


Having too much fun with the Supercharged SBC 355 cu. in the Z car to pull it out.........




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The RB Z:

Repairing driver side rear quarter panel

Mounting/fitting flares

Front fenders, hood, bumpers, cowl panel, and flares ready for paint (soon!)

Wilwood brakes on the way!




72 510:

Rewire to begin this week

Sourcing bumpers

Finishing RHD conversion

Odds and ends

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Glad I'm not the only one with multiple Z projects. I can feel your pain, guys...


73 240Z - Car is currently sitting due to blown head gasket


Currently getting parts together for new 377 sbc with 6" rods and Vic Jr heads. I already have everything for the short block, but need to get it balanced. Current engine will be put on a stand, where head gaskets will be replaced and bearings checked/etc.



Still trying to decide on seats



Waiting to get my Beta Motorsports Cowl Induction hood fitted/painted


78 280Z - Current Daily driver


Brakes were replaced with stock replacement items, with the exception of using stainless braided lines. Replaced the 3.54 r200 with a 4.11 r180 from a nissan pickup. Also installed Suspension Techniques springs and sway bars, Tokico strut cartridges, bumpstops, polyurethane t/c bushings, new ball joints, new tie rod ends, steering rack bushings, steering coupler, bumpsteer spacers, polyurethane mustache bar bushings, stock replacement rear control arm bushings.



Replaced injectors and installed JSK fuel rail and aftermarket fpr.



Needs new carpet, headliner, seats... badly. I also need to replace my speakers that were stolen a few weeks ago



Have side skirts, rear valence, and kaminari front 240 spoiler. The 280 crash bumpers have been removed. I have a 240 bumper for the front and will use no bumper on the rear. Need to replaced passenger side dogleg. Planning on BMW blue paint- undecided on interlagos or mystic blue.


74 260Z - I recently purchased this car. It's mostly apart now, as was bought from someone who had it in a paint/body shop where very little was done and the owner is planning on moving to Russia. I'm currently working on getting it running so I can get it into my garage and out of my friend's shop.


Future plans

Painless Wiring 12 circuit kit, subframe connectors, Modern Motorsports coilovers, upgraded brakes, z31 axles, zg flares and 17" CCW's. Undecided on engine... but may MS my leftover 377 and use my spare 200-4r. Also planning on BMW Steel gray for color.


85 Chevy Van

Planning on getting emissions tested and selling asap.


Too much paint and body work pending...

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'71 240ZT


Just picked it up recently so I'm still kinda sorting it out.



Took off the drag radials and put on Falkens to match the front.

Strapped down the front diff mount as a temp fix.

Tuned the SDS for better startup.



Fix voltage drop problem. Voltage drops low enough to kill the engine when I turn on the headlights. It's also blowing fuses. I'm going to run relays to the headlights and maybe upgrade the GM alternator.


Figure out where the T5 tranny is leaking fluid from.


Install Euro tailights


Replace seals/weatherstripping


Dyno session for some baseline runs and fine tune my maps. Install new intake and compare numbers.


Pick up a wideband O2 sensor




G-nose, ZG flares, BRE wing

Rebuild spare motor (stock pistons, TOGA bearings, ARP hardware)

Suspension and Chassis (planning stage)

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This summer I plan on:


300ZX- I hope to fix all of the rust and sheet metal damage over the summer and re-do the entire suspension with poly bushings. The engine is coming out for ease of work, and im gonna put a small cam in it and a four speed I just rebuilt. I would like to go 14's in the quarter and get about 20mpgs, we'll see how it goes.


69 Camaro- Gotta pull the engine when I get home from school to change head gaskets and fix the rear main seal leak in time to shoot up for the Carlisle GM Nationals. The goal for this summer is to run a 12.5 or better at 110 + and 7's in the eigth, ohh and not to break anything either.

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74 260Z...when I bought it it had...

240 SUs

header-2.5 exhaust and turbo muffler

14x6.5 eagle star wheels

cam and "other internal engine work"

stock r180



15x8 black diamond racing wheels


coilovers with 225lb/in front QA1 springs and 250lb/in QA1 springs out back.

Polyurethane bushings

Spec stage 2+ clutch

11lb aluminium flywheel

new roll pins in the tranny (most work I have done on my Z to replace a 10 cent part)

new U-joints

toyota 4 pot calipers s12

slotted/crossdrilled rotors

high performance rear shoes from MSA

acid dipped and recoated gas tank

air horns

platinum spark plugs

new lug nuts...(cost me $35!!!)

new radio/cd player/ ipod hookup

9x6 alpine speakers with stainless steel cones...(for da bling...)

all new gasoline hoses

new mechanical fuel pump

new air cleaners(car came with none)

working on aluminium dash to fit properly

other misc. junk too...


new guages

borg warner 5 speed

other stuff...can't think of right now

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