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Guest ON3GO

Post a Update on your project Z's!!!! everybody!

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You asked for it!


'74 260Z:

all new wiring from fire wall forward with relays for All lights, done.(finish taping the wires)..

engine rebuilt and put back together, done(excluding some powder coated parts coming this Saturday)..

clean the dust off rebuilt 5 speed....

and attach to motor after installing new clutch assembly...

put motor back in....

put SU's, header, exhaust and drive shaft back on...

finish refurbishing tail lights...

get the new adjustable power antenna to work with the 3 way momentary switch....

stretch the rear carpet kit so it fits....2" to short front to back!!

repaint the new hood louvers....(damn bugs)

finish wiring altima vent fan with relays and resistors....

make door panels and kick panels....

buy new dash cap....

put seats in....

buy carbon fiber bumpers..and make mounts.....

polish outer lip on rims and get centers powder coated...

buy new tires that will pass inspection...and hope they don't scratch the lip...

bleed brake and clutch systems....

clean all the white over spray off the suspension I painted black 2 years ago...


All to be finished before the 29th of May for the convention!!!!!

I have 20 days until then, but only have weekends and maybe 2 hours during the week.

I was going to drop her off to get color sanded and buffed before the convention, but...

I have pull the car apart to have it sent back to get repainted!!!!!!!


'77 280Z:

replace fuel filter and clean connections and hope it eliminates my problems with full throttle pulls.

fill a/c system and find any problems.. VERY SOON!!!! it's getting hot...

replace all worn suspension components when I have some money

continue to watch her rust away while still being a great $200 daily driver


'79 280ZX:

drop the gas tank and have it cleaned and lined...

find the reason why it won't idle or stay running while giving it gas...

tell my step son to come get it out of my driveway after 9 months!!!!

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My Z is wating on wiring,AZC front brakes,CV axles,Autometer Gauges,Suspemcion tech sway bars,Drive by wire pedal to be installed.Tuning will be next after those parts are intalled.I bouhgt a cusco front strut tower bar and a full dashcap for it.this two parts are sitting in one of the rooms next to the hood,BRE decklid, corbeau cr1 seats.


I will break in the engine go dragracing and then do my interior,I have a sound system ready to get installed.

After the interior I will get coilovers,control arms,wheels.

and after its all done I will run a procharger or turbo.

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gotta finish welding up my coilovers, buy the rest of the suspension parts, get my q45 diff mounted...


gotta weld my floor & frame rails in.


then i'm gonna get the body into some por15, and undercoating, start re-assembling the suspension.


working on getting my shortblock together too...


I gotta get rid of all my spare parts!

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Guest 280ZForce

my 78 280z (listed in my sig)

gotta throw in the 3.7 r200 clsd and install the new intercooler, then go dyno tune the b*tch so I can crank up the boost.


future upgrades...well that list usually changes and can go on forever cuz you never really stop modifying a car.


but prolly consists of but is not limited to:


z32 tranny

wilwood brake kit for front and rear

cv joints

bigger injectors

fuel cell

roll cage


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MAN! Start a post and then step back....


'82 280ZX (primer black)- The one with the 383, needs new headers and some sort of dual exhaust. Doing body work slowly but surely.


'81 280ZX (Grey) - My most fuel efficient car (yeah isn't that sad). Daily driver, has low (to no) oil pressure after warming up at idle but good pressure after about 1k. I just hope it holds up until I throw something else together that gets comparable gas mileage. Occasional body work.


'82 280ZX (Ugly A$$ faded yellow) - I haven't bought it back from my friend yet but it's going to be my guinea pig for a single turbo 350 with my first solid rearend (atleast in a Z). First turbo engine for that matter. Uhhh, yeah, it's going to be a long-term project.


'85 Silverado - My old standby. 350 vortec 3.73 rearend. NEEDS OVERDRIVE!!! and fuel injection while I'm at it.

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I was out in the garage today... and I took a chisel to some rust bubbles on the doglegs for the very first time.


After 3 layers of paint of different colors came off... I can say that the doglegs on the car have been replaced prior to my owning it, and have very little rust! I'm glad!

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My project just started two weeks ago when I picked up a couple 240's, a 71 and 72. So far they are just collecting rust in a barn, but once school is done for the semester, I'm hoping to get the 71 started. I'd like to start the 72 also, but probably won't do much with that one for quite a while. I have a ton of parts to sort through and categorize and what not. My goal for the summer is to get the 71 fully and reliably road worthy, then through the winter I'll get my new engine project going so I can have the car and new engine road worthy early next spring. Body work and more body work with the time in-between.

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Started suspension disassembly. Struts, coilovers, and bushings are in the garage. Camber plates should be here late this week/early next. Oh yeah, and I've got to learn to weld.


Found the first bit of rust that concerns me. About a dime sized bubble on the left dogleg. I have no idea how I've missed this for so long. This is the first I've found other than a touch of surface rust just in front of the cowl.


Website to document the project is in the works. Domains have been purchased. Currently reviewing content management software.



Taking up space in my garage. Last registered owner (1995) blocked my attempt to get title. Police don't care, saying it's a civil issue. Spoke to last owner once to try to work something out. I left the ball in his court since he said he wanted the car. Now he won't return my phone calls and hasn't sued me to arrange our day in front of the judge. I'm afraid that "sawzall day" is fast approaching.

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OH boy.. what a thread to start Mike lol.


78 2+2


Running MSnSE but just fuel for now. Still having problems with it. Ground intereference, etc. Should be running clean soon. Gutted the HVAC yesterday. Started taking up the lead sound deadener on the floor board yesterday as there is some surface and medium scale rust under it. Ordered the boat paint for it last night. All OEM gauges working except for temp (waiting on a sensor and retaining nut)


Interior to start today, have to redesign center counsole and arm cushion area. Cleaned up all the passenger side wiring (mike remembers that mess) budgetting to redo my fuse box and relay board again, this time going to smaller ATC fuses instead of the glass ones i wanted to keep before. Still needs new WS and RW seals as they are leaking on heavy rain.


89 911 Carrera


Still can't figure out why it won't start, replaced speed sensor, reference sensor, cap , rotor, DME relay, coil. I have a feeling it might be the DME ECM which is about 700$ on average. For now she sits on stands.


93 Maxima GXE SOHC


Still leaking from the camshaft seals, I'm about positive it's the actual cam lobe that is scratched causing the leak. Seals have been replaced three times now. Leaks about a quart or less every week.


96 Maxima GLE DOHC


developing a bad starting problem have to look into it. Still awaiting paint on front bumper and front fender. Also developing an oil leak.


Did I mention i'm moving in a month on top of all this? lol


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89 911 Carrera


Still can't figure out why it won't start' date=' replaced speed sensor, reference sensor, cap , rotor, DME relay, coil. I have a feeling it might be the DME ECM which is about 700$ on average. For now she sits on stands.


Have you checked the fuel pump relay? Saw a number of those go bad on 80s 911s where the car ran fine, then after it was turned off it wouldn't restart.

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Done :


LS1/ T56 Swap

3.70 LSD

Billet 5 bolt stub's

CV's with billet adapters

AZ billet Finned setup with mustashe bar

240SX rear brakes

Ross's rear control arms

Ross's rear coilovers at 225 lbs


350Z rear wheels

Aftermarket seats



To do:


LS1 fuel tank

Rebuild the front suspension

Add 5 bolt front hubs

4X4 front brakes

Roll bar

HID setup




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So much to do.


I need to rewire my stereo, install my speakers, mount my CD changer, mount the antenna, make my final seat brackets, mount my carpet, finish up the mounting of my rollbar, fix the AC/fan hoses in my dash, fix the hazard blinker, turn signals, find out why my left headlight doesnt work, fix the rear brake cylinder, replace the stripped wheel lugs, reroute the exhaust system, replace the front shocks, pull all the dents out, fix some rust, paint it, replace the temp sensor for the guage, slot the other shock tower for my camber adjusters. I'm sure there's more but I forget :-(

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'74 260z is in paint jail getting a Kandy Apple Red paint job with traditional color flames, I have no idea what that will look like in the end, which could be a year from now. I hope not but that's the way it goes. Going to tub it and go 4 link. Then it's going to get more motor, more cage and certified. Probably a 428 cubic inch sbc with 18 degree heads on alky again, should get some 8's on motor with that.


'85 Monte SS is awaiting the Banks TT350 install. Engine is built. Powerglide is waiting. Needs Powerglide yoke for a 1350 series ujoint and a custom driveline built. Also needs a Thaagard custom intercooler. It's waiting for it's turn in the shop since the DSM is occupying that space. I have everything to put that car together. If I can get it done then I might take it to SEZ.


'33 dodge is outside the shop getting finished. Frame needs some supports, rest of the cage, steering, brakes, electrical, fuel, drivelines. Other than that it's ready, ha ha.


'97 dodge diesel, A/C died, so there's $500 down the pooper.


'99 dodge diesel, going to need transfer case rebuilt soon, but it's got 330,000 miles on it.


'04 dodge diesel, sitting in the garage.


'92 S-10, needs a good home, has great A/C that was just redone, 4.3 liter V-6, somebody give me $1000 and it's yours.

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My project has been sitting still for 2 years now. I am about to start on the process once again. I will be doing a light rebuild on the motor (turbo L6) and then putting that in the car. I also need to pick up a 5 speed and mount the R200 LSD in the car. Then I need to get going on the body work. I don't know if I want to tackle it myself or just send it out. Man, that is going to cost some bucks. Then do the interior and I should be done for that moment. My problem is I keep on doing the "well I might as well change that". This car started out as a simple street car. It is now coil overs, big brakes, LSD diff, aftermarket managment system, flared monster tire car. MAN I CAN'T WAIT TO DRIVE THIS THING! :)

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