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250 GTO Owners Thread

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Hey take a look on eBay. "John Washington at Reaction Research (Ztrix.com)" 250 GTO for sale. Only 29 released before fabrication was shut down by Ferrari. Current Bid is $8,500!





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I assure you, production of the Velo Rossa was NOT "shut down by Ferrari." I continue to offer the Velo Rossa kit in several configurations (roadster, coupe, coupe with fixed spoiler, coupe with trunk lid, one-piece bonnet, nose clip with fenders, etc.) http://www.ZTrix.com

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With everything done to the bodywork that I'm prepared to do, the time came for the final painting.


The original light coating - to seal the primer while a 12 month assessment was carried out - was rubbed back.






Final coats applied






Then rubbed back with 1000, then 2000 and finally 3000 grit wet-n-dry.


I'd pushed my luck about as far as I was game by this stage so I engaged a professional car-detailer to do the final buffing.








Really pleased with the outcome.



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