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  1. Existing radiator was a 2 core , replacement found is a 4 core with larger inlet/outlet tubes. Thanks all for suggestions..
  2. As noted in title. I am doing a 2006 GTO LS2 engine and 4l60E auto trans into a 1973 S30. Engine has no internal mods, will use only the alternator for external accessories. No smog, headers thru Johs Cars in Dallas, Tx. Looking for recommendation for radiator and tranny cooler. Will be selling the RB25DET motor and 5 speed manual. Leg problems limiting extended clutch use.
  3. Yes, in fact I was looking at it yesterday and thinking about advertising or taking to swap meet.
  4. Can someone point me to what the stock springs ratings were for a stock '72-'73 S30, for a common out the door manual transmission with a/c model in the US. Second part of question is what are people using for street performance mods of this car? Hope the question is not to general.
  5. $140 plus shipping
  6. Great thanks for the input. now if i can find someone who wants it.
  7. Since I have not attempted to install it I cannot be absolutely guarantee it will fit without trimming. But from measurements I have taken and my calibrated eyeball to check contours I would feel confident that it will fit. in place of the stock Z dash. The center console cutout lines up perfectly with the stock center console.
  8. I purchased this dash over 5 years ago but never used it. I believe it was an alternative dash for use with Vela Rosa or Thunder Ranch GTO kits. Anyone have an idea of worth, or have a need? I'll probably ebay it. PM me with any thoughts
  9. Did you ever capture your base maps? If so I would love a copy.
  10. I've been working on installing a RB25det series 2 motor in a '73 S30. Two issues I am having trouble resolving are probably simple but not for me. Existing configuration is a series 2 RB25det motor with a Greddy style intake manifold. I need to find two things, preferably with a picture and/or schematic. !. Alternator wiring connection. 2. Vacuum source. Any help is appreciated
  11. Has anyone on the GTO board put belly pans on their cars? If so do you have plans to share, and how did they work out? Thanks for any feedback.
  12. Thank you sir. The magnets are in place. I did not understand that the hall sensor was replacing the advance function of the cas. Ross let me know a few days ago and you just confirmed it. thanks
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