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cutting into the dash wish me luck


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Guest Aguyandaredhead

My window was removed but I could have done it with it in place. I just wanted to get the stucture done while the car was in mock up stage. I did not want to be doing any glass after I the paint was done..



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guess you'd have to tape up the windshield or something so you dont get too messy with the fiberglass lol. well... i guess im going to leave the 280z dash in mine until i finish customizing the ZX dash frame to the new dash design.. i'll post pics w/progress (i have too many projects going on at the moment so... yeah... lol) good luck sk8ter

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Here is the first layer of glass






Its rough but hey for a first attemt its not to shabby and plus thats why Im going to do a second layer and a skim coat of bondo for right. I read that if you mix the resin in with the bondo that it will make it easier to spread is this true or was that person on crack?

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ah the weight of the dash wont make that much of a difference if its got everything on it that he needs. put some lighter seats in and you easily make up for the weight as the factory seats weigh a TON. by the way the dash is starting to look good man. good job. hope to start on mine soon but i just got the engine fired up so i gotta tune it and get everything straight.. then maybe start on the dash. its lookin nice though man.

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