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Tomei oil restrictor measurements


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How many of these do you generally use in the engine? 1 per passage or only or two in the whole engine?


As far as dimensions, I would imagine that the outer is the same as or slightly larger than the oil passage diameter with a 1.5mm hole right down the center.

Depends on the engine. RB26's only need one. They are solid lifter and do not need as much oil as the hydraulic lifters. R34 RB25's may be solid lifter but am not sure.

RB20's have two. RB25's have up to three depending on the model. My RB30 has two, I will be blocking off one of them.

Here is a write up about it.


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Well i managed to find an oil restrictor here in the U.S. I got it from XS Engineering, only 10 bucks plus shipping! However, if you want to make one, the OUTSIDE diameter is 6.12mm and the height is 5mm. Obviously the INSIDE diamter is going to be 1.5mm. Also, one end has a slight taper to aid in starting it in the block. Thought you guys might want to know.



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I'm not 100% sure but i believe they are made from mild steel. They are not made from stainless or aluminum because i picked it up with a magnet.


i guess since i'll be taking my engine to a machinist i can see if he can gun drill a 6.5 mm dowel in various sizes and turn them down to spec for the RB-Z crowd we have here


Ill prolly have em less than 10 bucks if it's worth while.

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