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HELP!!!! Black liquid from Exhaust

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I’m assuming this is what you are describing.


It is VERY common and normal for black liquid to drip out of the tail pipe as the exhaust system warms up when you fire up the engine in the morning, more so in humid climates. The major byproduct of combustion is H2O, (you have probably noticed the steam from other cars tail pipes during cold weather), and because the inside of the exhaust system is coated with soot, that water vapor condenses like in the muffler, and carries the soot with it and depending on many factors like if the car is parked on a hill, etc, this soot laden water will drip out of the exhaust tail pipe, or if you stab the throttle, it will spit out. Sometimes it will spit out little black goobers on to the garage door, (or garage floor some distance away from the tail pipe), if the car is parked near the garage door and you rev it up a little as the car warms up. This happens on brand new cars and old cars alike.

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