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I've been lurkign here for a while, then i finally made an account to see some of the pictures. Then after looking and looking I finaly found somebody in my area with a Z.......I live in Dalton,Ga and arround here I've seen 2.......and one of them is MINE!!!


My sister-in-law's mother has the rusty 78 280Z in her back yard and she just GAVE it to me :shock:!!! The engine just needs a battery and a fuel rail and she'll be driving arround. I'm going to pick it up this saturday and bring it to it's new home.


During my search I found a guy in Dayton, TN that gave me his 1980 280ZX!! Again for FREE! Though the body has surface rust, engine that is shot, and looks like the rear-end is on the gound it was a steal.


I've traded the 80 280ZX to a friend of mine with the working engine of the 78 Z for his services to repair and paint my 78 280Z. Think thats fair? We thought so.


I have finaly decided to go with a SR20DET engine swap. This is my winter project that I'm excited to start. I have Z FEAVER! :flamedevi


I do have a question though. There is a silver front bumper peice that I see on almost all of the Z's here have. All of the cars have aftermarket bumpers. What is that called and where can I get it?


I'll post pics on saturday.

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I wasn't able to get the car on the weekend. So I picked it upon monday. Since them....I haven't had time to take pics...so yesterday afternoon I whipped it camera out and snaped some shots for you guys....and for my work log. Lemme know what you guys think. Remember it was FREE!

























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No offense, but if I were in your situation, I would probably part this car our and use the money to find a z in better condition. If this doesn't sound reasonable, I would upgrade with the idea that the parts could easily be switched to a better chassis when found. (i.e., engine mods, basic suspension mods.)

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Well the engine is good owner said that it ran about 2-3 yrs ago. Dosen't matter to me. I'm going to put in a SR20DET in it......I just need body work done on it and I can do the rest....



That is a good idea, get your mounts all fabbed up (save the diagrams or just make two sets), get the sr20 in there, get it running, get ahold of all the parts you need to make it run. By the time you get all that work done, you will realize that this car is not an ideal canidate, you can then swap the engine into a nicer car.

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