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Hesitations during a pull

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Yeah, it sounds like a few simple problems which become complex if you try to solve them all at once.


Like stated above:


1. Fix blowing fuses (If you can make a test run and not blow any fuses then that can be removed from the equation, no worry about injectors not being fired)


2. Fix the AFR gauge, recheck installation, conatact manufacturer, do whatever it takes to get that working.


3. Take a data log in megatune during your whole run, or at least climbing the hill where you have the problem (preferrably after the AFR is working so it will be in the log).


If it was me I would forget about vacuum, just look at the MAP reading in KPA. See what it is when the key is on, but the engine is not running, that is ambient pressure. Then anytime in the log that you go above the ambient KPA you are getting boost from the turbo. Ideally at sea level it would be 100kpa for ambient. And yes, your turbo or tuned port manifold if you have one can build a couple pounds of boost early on, especially loaded when climbing a hill of any sort. In my talon when I am way out of the spooling range, but climbing a hill, it will build like 2 pounds of boost and just set there for a while until I get up in rpms then it continues climbing to the wastegate setting.

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