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1971 Hakosuka 4 Door 2000gt


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A work in progress.....



Complete so far:


1. POR15 to the cowl underside and rainpan.

2. Replaced rubber seals front and back on cowl

3. Replaced wiper boots, rainpan left and right rubber seals

4. upgraded coil to MSD Blaster II

5. Installed Arizona Z 4 barrel intake

6. Installed Holley 390 carb (removed choke..hated it)

7. New shifter boot from MSA

8. 14 inch 6J Watanabe rims 21 offset front 16 offset back.

9. Installed front lip spolier

10. Rear shocks KYB (http://www.victory50.com'>http://www.victory50.com)


Parts onhand to install:


1. Holley Red pump upgrade

2. Mallory Unilite electronic distributor

3. Dejet Holley 390 primaries to 47 vice 51 (2000cc engine requires less gas


4. PCV valve mod

5. Holley carb spring bracket


Parts to order soon:


1. MSD 6A control unit (cant wait to replace ballast resistor system)


Parts to order in a couple of months:


1. 48mm steel header (http://www.victory50.com'>http://www.victory50.com)

2. Complete exhaust from header back steel GC10 dual pipes (http://www.victory50


3. Phantom gauges MSA (tach def first for the MSD benefit) and clock since

it will be an easy install....hehe.


Parts I will get before leaving here:


1. New rotors/calipers for front and rear

2. Roll cage GTR

3. Front adjustable struts (KYB)

4. R200

5. Windshield rubber seal

6. Rear window rubber seal

7. All four door seals and body frame seals

8. Trunk seals

9. GTR over fenders

10. Contemplating having rear fender cut out to accomodate the GTR over

fenders so I can run a bigger rim. Sorta like the original style but tires

are too skinny to hold any power I may add in the future. LS1 would be

nice but would never be practicle with 185 rear tires...maybe 195s at

best.....someone tell me Im wrong so I can get excited....


Next big project:


1. Floor pan repair via POR15 kit

2. Add new sound deadener

3. Add black carpet and new floor mats

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Well I applied POR15 to the left side of the engine bay today to what I could reach. Man what a difference, I love that stuff. Just dont get it on your hands...takes a week to come off! Ill post before and after tomorrow! What I did was used a putty knife to go over the inside engine bay left fender side to get rid of any burrs, old paint etc. I then sanded by hand with 400 grit to smooth out the surface a bit. I then cleaned with denatured alchohol to get all the dirt off etc. I then applied a nice coat of silver POR15 to the metal. I had to stand around and brush it every 5 minutes or so so it wouldnt have any runs to it. After about 2 hours or so it got tacky/sticky and I applied my Toyota metalic silver spray paint onto it while still uncurred. This covered up any uneven streaks and soaked right into the POR nicely. Once it curred (about 3 to 5 hours) it was rock solid and looks great. Notice the before and after. I will have many of these sessions to get everything but itll keep me busy when I run out of parts to install...hehe. I will remove a fender at a time to do the underside areas etc once the bay is done (that could be awhile). After that Ill do the floor pans, gotta secure that damn water leak first..


I have water coming into the floor pans so I fixed the driver side. Found out it was the seam sealer that failed or got too old to do its job. Surprisingly there is no rust thrus anywhere in the rain pan. So I used GOOP to seal her back up. Ill know tomorrow if it worked or not. That stuff is pretty solid as well when curred. Thats all for today. The hobby shop is closed till Wed for New Years so no more work until after the holidays...booooooo.



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Got some more thing done since New Years and Yahoo Japan is addicting.




1. New bushings in the stick shift

2. Bought R200 3.7

3. Bought R200 Mustach bar and eurathane bushings for Hakosuka

4. Bought Diff side axles

5. Installed Mallory unilite and MSD 6A

6. Installed new wiper washer tank

7. Got header, need to sand it and paint

8. Mounted 15 X 6.5J Watanabes!

9. Got new weatherstripping for the trunk

10. New bullet mirrors stainless (installing 16 Feb)

11. Bought GTR rear badge (I know its a clone) lol.


Moving right along......more to come!

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Installed the R200 this weekend....what a PITA. Much more labor than the Z. Also installed new trunk weatherstripping. Also got shipping quotes via American President LInes.


$3200 to San Pedro

$ 400 Jap Custom Broker

$670 to Texas

$300 US Customs Broker


About 5K to get it home......is it worth it....hmmmmm...yep!




Got new rubber floor pan plugs coming and rear fender rubber thingy...

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Ok I loaded some better pics today. Put on the new dual exhaust with header and stainless muffler. Ordered the GTR rear overfender and will attempt to install that and cut rear fender next week. Bought new front brake lines as well.

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Car is now Texas titled and tagged!!! Drove it around and no one has a clue what it is....lol. One guy said it was a James Bond car....lol. ONe place wouldnt do the state inspection because he said right side driving was illegal...WTF? That was the HOnda place at Lynn Alexander Ford on Sherwood way....dont go there they are fricken idiots!!! I guess all the mail truck drivers are doomed to be jailed soon!!!! Noooooo!!! IDIUTS!!! Hahahahahahaha....



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And where are the pictures of the car parked in front of some Texas chaparral? You've got the obligatory picture of it in front of some Cherry trees, now you need a 'Merican picture of the car.


Thats right John!!! hehehe. I washed and waxed it last night and will get a pic in front of Walmart or a Yown and Country gas station tonight!!! Hahahaha. Was working on getting the BBZ running and tagged so forgot about pics. Will get them all~~~! Still gotta call COZY COLE as well....ooops!



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Wow am I good...I estimated a 19 in the quarter with the Hakosuka and I ran a 18:72 at 70 MPH. 2.64 60, 11:50 at 58 eighth...I am now offically the slowest street car in San Angelo hahahahaha.

Been getting tons of comments on the car..anything from "Is that a RAMBLER? to Nice strectched B510 (hahahah) to "Sweet Nova Chevy II" oh and yesterday a guy said sweet buick!!! Alot of people do know what it is though, I had alot of fun driving if it werent for the 102 HP thing....hehe.





L20 2 liter 102 HP

Header and Holley 600 with AZ intake

4 speed and R200


Just needed a start to compare the gains when I get started. I already got a 5 speed tranny in the storage waiting. NOw to find a nice 3 liter L28 or a 3.1 Decided to keep it NISSAN instead of cutting it up.



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Another small update. Started ordering restore parts again. Today I got all the bushings for the rear and the front to include tie rod boots and ball joint boots. Also got the inner front and rear door seals. All of this for about $350.


Next will be the outer front and rear door weather stripping and front and rear glass stripping.




So far what I have invested in the car:


Car when bought $11,000.00

Parts since total $ 3,800.00

Shipping total to Texas $ 6,000.00


Grand total thus far $20,800.00



Other parts buying this year:


Rear coil overs with disk upgrade

Front coilovers with brake upgrade

Roll cage

Dash cover

Master cylnder upgrade

Adjustable tension rods

Bump Steer spacers



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