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  1. it's been awhile since I have installed this combo in the 240. Can I install with water pump mounted ? Will this clear the radiator support when bolted to the tranny or do I need to take it off? Thanks in advance. Terry
  2. I am restoring my Z and forgot if I bolt my tranny and then water pump and crank pulls will it clear the front radiator support when going in? Should I take them both off?
  3. Is engine still available?
  4. Anyone know if this will fit in a Hakosuka and who makes the adater plate for an L28?
  5. Does the L30 come with Tranny and turnkey setup? How much to convert to pump gas? I need an engine for my Hakosuka.
  6. Corzette

    396 BBC

    My ride now lol.
  7. Corzette

    280Z BBC 396

  8. I know this is an old thread but is there any interest in more CHOROS or maybe bigger models etc? I may jsut go out and take some pics soon so wanted to see if anyone may be interested.... Terry
  9. Jesus Tony, Roger has gotten fricken crazy huge. I found this: http://www.repetrope.com/men/competitors/detail.asp?CompetitorID=6577 Check it out, maybe contact him. If you do tell him Terry the powerlifter from the 90s that used to lift with him says hello! Terry
  10. Tony, you have any idea where Roger Puffer is now a days? Its been about 15 years since I saw him last. I guess he is still bodybuilding? Terry
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