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  1. Looking for a 3 liter or above L engine for my Hako. Anyone selling let me know. healthtoall@yahoo.com
  2. it's been awhile since I have installed this combo in the 240. Can I install with water pump mounted ? Will this clear the radiator support when bolted to the tranny or do I need to take it off? Thanks in advance. Terry
  3. I am restoring my Z and forgot if I bolt my tranny and then water pump and crank pulls will it clear the front radiator support when going in? Should I take them both off?
  4. Is engine still available?
  5. Anyone know if this will fit in a Hakosuka and who makes the adater plate for an L28?
  6. Does the L30 come with Tranny and turnkey setup? How much to convert to pump gas? I need an engine for my Hakosuka.
  7. Corzette

    396 BBC

    My ride now lol.
  8. Corzette

    280Z BBC 396

  9. I know this is an old thread but is there any interest in more CHOROS or maybe bigger models etc? I may jsut go out and take some pics soon so wanted to see if anyone may be interested.... Terry
  10. Jesus Tony, Roger has gotten fricken crazy huge. I found this: http://www.repetrope.com/men/competitors/detail.asp?CompetitorID=6577 Check it out, maybe contact him. If you do tell him Terry the powerlifter from the 90s that used to lift with him says hello! Terry
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