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  1. 492 hp @ 7900 and 360 ft-lb tq at the crank.
  2. 20190620_175822.mp4 20190620_175822.mp4 20190620_175822_1_1.mp4 20190621_140753.mp4 joined_video_7e5ca6eaa51648d2ada59ba3005b99cc.MP4
  3. Small update. Car still in the body shop mid April is the target date to get it back.
  4. Metal work complete next step body work
  5. Motor complete starting on the body work, I found a great shop near me.
  6. 20190620_175822.mp4 VID_36940322_042459_605.mp4
  7. I had a 16" space saver rim made up I couldn't find a 16" 4 lug rim. The tire is a 115-85-16. That keeps me at 24.5" the same as the others.
  8. Small update motor is done for the second time. I made a change to the coolant passage that was cast into the head by removing it and building a bolt on manifold. The harness is 50% done, I'm being told that it will be Dyno'ed mid June.
  9. Get closer to getting it on the Dyno 😁
  10. I picked up a couple new parts for the Skyline
  11. Header complete. Head is off to Rebello's and the trans is out for the last time I hope.
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