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  1. Week 11 at the body shop
  2. Motor complete starting on the body work, I found a great shop near me.
  3. 20190620_175822.mp4 VID_36940322_042459_605.mp4
  4. I had a 16" space saver rim made up I couldn't find a 16" 4 lug rim. The tire is a 115-85-16. That keeps me at 24.5" the same as the others.
  5. Small update motor is done for the second time. I made a change to the coolant passage that was cast into the head by removing it and building a bolt on manifold. The harness is 50% done, I'm being told that it will be Dyno'ed mid June.
  6. Get closer to getting it on the Dyno 😁
  7. I picked up a couple new parts for the Skyline
  8. Header complete. Head is off to Rebello's and the trans is out for the last time I hope.
  9. I had the Sub frame rails extended all the way to the back of the car. I figured it would be necessary with the expected horsepower from the motor. I couldn't have been more happy with the out come. I prepped the floors by removing the tar sound deadening with dry ice. Guy talked about about doing it and my welding supply sales it by the ton so i gave it a try and it work great. I had to enlarge the tunnel slightly for the CD009 6 spd. Here are some prep pictures of the 6spd tranny with the JWT bell housing adapter and CBF shifter
  10. I ordered both the AMS & Centric and they both came in right.😁
  11. Nice build tread nice to see another Hako.
  12. I ordered 2 clutch masters from Rock Auto I'm hoping one is right and it there both the right ones I'll have a spare
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