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Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

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I bought this car from Chris Cloude in Spring 2002. I'd originally picked the car up with Chris in Summer 2000. We'd taken my truck and a rented car trailer to North Carolina. Chris had his dad make a rotissary and they fixed all the rust issues in the firewall and battery box, and welded in Pete P.'s frame rail design. Chris then removed all the sound deadening and then all work stopped...


I bought the car from Chris for $1000 for the car and three loads of parts that I promptly sold for about $1500.










Early pics of the car...



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So I finally settled in on brakes after having some of the best known suppliers sell me brake kits over the last 10 years... Can you say requirements creep?








They're OEM Mustang Cobra brakes from 93-2004. They work with Jamie T.s aluminum front hub and MMLs rear stub axle. I went with the forged version.


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So in the "end" we settled on Viper metalic silver with blacked out MSA Type3 air dam, Beta Motorsports carbon hood, Juan's Carbon tailight panel, euro tail lights, blue plastic headlight assemblies, and ZG flares. I'm running a rear pedistal mount fo-carbon wing.


Before installing spoilers, flares, wheels and other goodies...



Mocking up flares/testing wheel clearances.






mmmm Carbon fiber...




Pre-Carbon hood/MSA Type3




And with the MSA Type3 and Carbon hood...




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Tomorrow, We will start the Zcar, if "god" smiles down upon me... Some would say that... "If god smiles down upon me"... Please... :roll:

I'll report the results of tomorrow's efforts later in the weekend...

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A day of triumphs and tribulations...


The fuel pump I bought from some vendor on ebay isn't pulling fuel out of the can i'm using to prime the system. On the plus side, we were able to confirm that the starter is working properly, and that a number of "other" electrical components are functioning as designed. We were also able to confirm the motor is firing properly. I also managed to pull the holley 750 double pumper and go thru it. The carb had 70 main jets, but I upgraded it to 73s in the primary and kept the 80s that are on the secondary side. I only had one pack of jet extenders, so I couldn't install any on the secondary side. I'll pick up some next week and take care of that... I'm also pretty sure the Odyssey PC680 battery may not be sufficient to crank this car over... Also spent some time making sure the suspension was going to clear under full travel, and wrapped some fuel lines and wires in flame resistant wrap to make sure I don't have any serious issues at the track... We're getting there...


Maybe more news tomorrow, as I do have another fuel pump, and will attempt to use that tomorrow to pull fuel from the can I'm using to "test" everything...



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Edit: It's 3 degrees outside this morning, and I just walked down to the shop and built a fire... It's 29 degrees inside the shop... Not sure how much I'll be able to get done today, but I'm waiting until we have sufficient heat in there! :2thumbs:


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