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Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

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First, some pics...

The halo optional wings for the Kirkey seat...







The fuel setup in the rear... Fuel filter to primer pump, to surge tank, to main pump... All in a small area...



MOMO MonteCarlo wheel and QR.




Airbox for the radiator




Initial work on the Type3 airdam... MUCH more work will be shown shortly to include some carbon blockoff plates and some wire mesh for the airbox!





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Well, right now we're kinda on hold, as mom's getting ready for a major surgery for breast cancer. She's got a "clean bill" as far as her major organs, and no signs of the dreaded "C" word elsewhere in her body. She'll go in for a double mastectomy on Tuesday of next week...


What I've done? Well I've spent some coin on the Datsun... Ordered more lexan to re-cut the rear hatch... Tip, The rear hatch measures approx 28X38 and it sounds square, right? No... There is an ARCH outward to the bottom on the lower side. Cut it square and you'll find yourself like me, doing it over again... Don't make my mistake.


I also ordered some Longacer mirrors, both side/roll bar mounted, and rear/wink design... Another wonderfull tip... Those gusset plates? They look cool right??? Yea, Um having ACCESS TO THE F'ING BARS would be nice for these items that require the ROUND TUBE to mount to... Yea, I'll be breaking out the dremil to notch the plates before the windshield comes for install...


I'm also scheduled for a custom exhaust mount next week...


Other than the exhaust, finishing the lexan rear, and the windshield, I have a handfull of bits to weld up to get this car ready for a track event in June/ July... We're getting damned close and I'm getting stoked...


Better F'n believe I'll be doing an A/B comparison with the track data I have from that horrid, non-hybridz approved german blitzkrieg that sits in the garage that allows me to drive it to work daily. The Zcar fan boys should hope that my driving and setup skills hold out... I Don't have it in me to stack the deck towards the black car... I'm still a Zcar fan at heart, but the realist in me shines thru...



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The Zcar is loaded up in the car trailer and going to the shop within the next day or so to get the custom exhaust fabricated and installed. I will also be purchasing a larger Odyssey Battery (had the PC680) that should do the job for this car. I'm going to prepare to start the final fabrication on the car (mounting the MSA Type3 front end and carbon hood) for the Dzeus fasteners, additional bracing, lower the seat mounts, and weld in a harness bar...


Shooting for a JUNE track event if possible... So we'll see how it goes...



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I've mentioned this several times, and had a number of PMs, so I figured I'd update you all on the status... My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and was scheduled for surgery today. She had both of them removed and is doing very well this evening. As you can imagine, it's been quite stressful the last several weeks. We are very hopeful that she will be cancer free after this procedure, and all will be well... She's 65 years old (will be 66 in August) and we're hoping she'll be around for many years to come... I'm amazed at how well she looks after such a major surgery, and wouldn't have thought we'd be having a conversation or hugs and kisses after such a procedure...


Man I need some sleep...


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