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LAZY/broken shift keys RANT! Does this apply to you? Lets clean it up, please?

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Standing on top of my soap box...



As of lately, I have noticed a huge influx of posters posting with little to no capitalization and terribly poor spelling. faint.gif This is not about occasional errors and spelling errors, a missed capital letter, etc, we all make mistakes when typing, but the majority of us also make an effort to proof read what we post, use some form of spell check, and capitalize when necessary. This is directed AT ALL the blatantly lazy posters among us! Many of you know who you are as you have been talked to about this before! incastrato.gif


Is it really that tough to stretch out a left or right pinky to lightly push down the “shift” key while pressing another key at the same time or are those pinkies broken? Is that form of multitasking just too much to ask? Are schools allowing kids using computers and word processing programs to get away with this sort of lazy typing? Honestly?!? chevvoi.gif


This really falls into the same category as the posting in IM format. When cruising the MALL using your cel phones “text” feature to chat with your buddy cruising another MALL, that’s all find and dandy, but if you were attending a college, would you ask your professor or instructors questions without putting any effort forth into pushing the shift key on occasion, or proof reading your document? Those posts are unprofessional and even degrading to our community! HybridZ is NOT the MALL where teeny boppers hang out texting each other! I prefer to think of this forum as a collegiate high performance program, one that is available online at no cost, though a financial donation is always appreciated as this forum does require hardware and software to function which costs money. teach.gif


Maybe we should institute a tuition of sorts. Those willing to pay for this education and knowledgebase most likely have enough respect for others when communicating with them to at least make an effort to use some grammar and capitalization skills. A tuition high enough that will weed out the lazy that aren’t willing to search, capitalize, proof read their postings, and just want to be spoon fed everything! Some of us have spent a good portion of our lives playing with these cars and have been successful in some aspects, failed in others, and all that adds up to experience based knowledge that we earned the hard way, over time with bloody knuckles, busted parts, and eventually fast cars, yet we are willing to give that knowledge to others for free! We truly want to help fellow "car guys" along in their journey, but if they are too lazy to push down the shift key or proof read their post, how do they expect to receive a useful reply to their question let alone muster up the energy to open a toolbox drawer to grab a wrench to work on their car?


If someone is too lazy to push the shift key when asking a technical question, I am starting to feel more and more compelled to not respond at all, or respond in a way that hopefully gets their attention to make an effort to ask with some respect and dignity, as the information they are about to receive could save them years of trial and error and lots of money on their projects.


If you want professional information, make an effort to ask in a professional manner or go back the MALL!



Whew.. That felt good getting that out… phew.gif

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I totally agree and would like to add the following:

1. Bad spelling makes it that much more difficult to use the search function. As a example lets assume I misspelled a common search term such as "power steering". Instead I spelled it "power sttering", noticed the error but neglected to fix it. If my post had information in it that another would find useful but it never is picked up by the search I've diminished the usefulness of my post.

2. Bad grammer can lead to misunderstandings of what the original poster was trying to say leading to additional unnecessary questions to clarify the meaning. This makes it more difficult for a subsequent user to find the useful information in the thread, assuming there is any.

3. The FireFox browser has the ability to perform spell checking on text entered into a web page, use it instead of Explorer if you need a built in spell checker. Granted it won't catch all the mistakes but it will catch most.

4. The text entry capabilities of browsers do not compare to MS Word (which has auto-correct, auto-capitalize, auto-???), don't assume you can just type and the program will fix your stupidity.

5. Bad grammer, spelling and MALL speak reflect on the perceived intelligence of the poster and this board. Do us all a favor and at least sound like you know what you're talking about!!!


OK, I'll climb down off my soap box now, if the admins want to delete my post or ask me to refrain I understand and will comply.



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I don't respond to any of the bad grammar/text style posts. If they can't present a question any better that that, why should I waste time trying to help them?


However, it makes the site look idiotic & ricer-ish, which is a very bad thing.


Ban them!!!!!




I couldn't agree more. I say if they post in "IM text" ban them for a day, next offense a week, etc.


I get so turned off when I visit other Z forums...it reminds me of a high-school cafeteria! Yet another reason why I really enjoy hanging out at HBZ. :-P

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Wheelman, do you mind if I go through your post and correct your many misspellings? :P


:mrgreen: He did misspell grammar.


Just to clarify 'our' position, none of us take issue with mistakes. The problem is usually a lazy attitude or carelessness. That's where I draw the line. All we ask is that people make an effort.

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That was one; but since I posted, he's gone back and corrected the others :)

I'm watching you!

:mrgreen: He did misspell grammar.


Just to clarify 'our' position, none of us take issue with mistakes. The problem is usually a lazy attitude or carelessness. That's where I draw the line. All we ask is that people make an effort.

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when pepple talk like dis it raelly makes me angery i dun get y pepple cant talk wit propr gramer and stuf liek dat.


Seriously. Most of us are either IN high school, in college, graduated with degree's in everything. Why do people come in and talk like, "Hey, this is the internet NO ONE cares on the INTERNET"

You know what I mean? I do slip up sometimes, I do use some improper grammar at times, but for the most part, I do care about how I type. Not out of habit, but because I know that the person that has to actually read the garbage I'm spouting, would at least be less annoyed if the garbage being spouted is written out properly.

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