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LAZY/broken shift keys RANT! Does this apply to you? Lets clean it up, please?

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Among my eBay searches: titles containing "Dotsun" "Datson" and "Breaks".......


I have found some good stuff with very few viewers / bidders.


You may want to add "obsolute" to your ebay searches.


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BRAAP, I think you nailed it in the title: the answer is usually just laziness. This is a huge pet peave of mine. If you can't take the minute or so to read the post before launching it, why should the rest of us spend any time answering?


When I ask people I haven't even met to help me solve my problem, the least I can do is make it easier for them to understand what I'm asking! Seems like common sense to me, but I can't help but wonder what those who make incomprehensible posts are thinking.


But I fear that those who are the biggest offenders haven't read even this far. Sigh...

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Mozilla Firefox checks you spelling for you, it really is a great browser so if you guys haven't switched I recommend it. That last sentence I typed I miss spelled 4 words, so its a lifesaver for me.


Not only am I not a good speller I type way to fast for my own good and do things like "hte" instead of "the"... but I'm working on it ;).

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Seems like there has been alot of new members recently. How about adding Braap's "rant" to the newbie section? This is where alot seems to be coming from.

I know that I do not have much room to say much on the matter. What really sucks is my vocabulay is extensive and my spelling sucks, "catch 22", "I'am soo cold".

I do add "stuff" to my typing in order to convey humor or sarcasium. Try to add a :) to your english paper for example.........

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I totally agree and would like to add the following:

1. Bad spelling makes it that much more difficult to use the search function. As a example lets assume I misspelled a common search term such as "power steering". Instead I spelled it "power sttering", noticed the error but neglected to fix it. If my post had information in it that another would find useful but it never is picked up by the search I've diminished the usefulness of my post.


2. Bad grammar can lead to misunderstandings of what the original poster was trying to say leading to additional unnecessary questions to clarify the meaning. This makes it more difficult for a subsequent user to find the useful information in the thread, assuming there is any.


3. The FireFox browser has the ability to perform spell checking on text entered into a web page, use it instead of Explorer if you need a built in spell checker. Granted it won't catch all the mistakes but it will catch most.


4. The text entry capabilities of browsers do not compare to MS Word (which has auto-correct, auto-capitalize, auto-???), don't assume you can just type and the program will fix your stupidity.


5. Bad grammar, spelling and MALL speak reflect on the perceived intelligence of the poster and this board. Do us all a favor and at least sound like you know what you're talking about!!!


OK, I'll climb down off my soap box now, if the admins want to delete my post or ask me to refrain I understand and will comply.





EXCELLENT points Ken and thank you for bringing up how that also affects the search engine. #5 hit the nail on the head in my mind.





mY keyboarD haS A shifT keY?


:lmao::lmao: Too funny. I like it and just thought of a new user title for you. :lmao:


User title change thread...

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I posted about a built in spell checker about two years ago. I was informed that there is one here. I don't use it because I can't find it anymore.


This is less about accidental misspelling and more about lazy typing. Accidental misspelling can be excused now and then. I re-read my posts a few times after posting them and then go back to edit them.


For some reason my brain won't proof read them until they have been posted? Does that happen to anyone else? :windows:

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Nah, I just use Firefox and it underlines each misspelled word. Just like "Nah" at the beginning of the first sentence.


The one catch phrase from Verbal Advantage is, "People judge you by the words you use..." That is true. In written form, it becomes even more evident. I would say that many on the forum who don't use proper grammar or punctuation take longer to gain credibility with the other members. Why? For the simple reason that it's difficult to distinguish their writing from a kid's writing who may be ten or eleven years old.


Thanks to all who make this a better place for the search function and my aching head...



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Nah, I just use Firefox and it underlines each misspelled word. Just like "Nah" at the beginning of the first sentence.

I have the same same spell checking function on firefox as well. Makes life a little simpler.


I have to say, I am glad that I dont see as many "HI I LIKE Z'S DO YOU KNOW HOW I CAN MAKE IT UBER FAST SO I CAN DRIFTOOOOOOOO?"


It seems like the majority of the people on here are pretty goods about making sure they are civil and well understood. :icon14:

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