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LT1 Misses...Checked codes and just get a flashing light...any thoughts?

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I've had the Z on the road a couple of times and am still getting a fairly significant miss. Rick at R&R street rods checked the cylinder temp and it looks like two cylinders are not firing. I've previously tested my electrical and I don't appear to have any glaring mistakes.


I went to read the codes on the OBD port and when I start the car, the trouble code light simply flashes continuously. I sat there counting the flashes and finally quit at 50+. Captain Obvious! it's just flashing!


I've searched, and unless I missed something, there are no posts similart to this. Anyone have any thoughts or have experienced this before?


I'm dying to get this thing done! It sounds mean as all get out and - even on 6 cylinders - this thing runs like a scalded dog. Just a scalded dog with 3 legs :(





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Mark hit it, it's probably the opticrap. I've seen guys go through 3 before they find one that works for more than a few miles. Then again, my old roommate has a LT1 with 300K on the odometer and has never so much as pulled the valve covers (for fear of it falling apart suddenly) that he still drives daily, in Cleveland winters no less. Stock motor, stock tranny, stock optispark.It's just luck of the draw as best as I can figure. You might give MSDs version a try or do a LS1 coil per cylinder conversion.

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What kind of headers are you running? I doubt this is it but I am going to throw it out there...I was reading an article in a snap on tech magizine yesterday and they were taliking about a rough running jeep. What it turned out to be is that who ever made the exhaust manifold didn't cut the hole for #4 cylinder to connect it to collector! Just food for thought...



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