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Jim Cook racing California z widebody flares


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Sorry, I don't have pics, but I did talk to Sandy Cook (I think her first name was Sandy...she said she owned JCR, so I assume it was JC's wife) about their mini whale tail and we talked about their car with that kit. Apparently she has a bunch of pics of the car (you can also see it in the catalogue I believe). I'll bet if you called her, she'd email you some pics. And she may have pics from other customers that have installed the kit. This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but what the heck, you might get a lot of ideas from her.

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What I did is ended up buying the Bob Sharp race front fenders (with flares) and used the stock fender extensions. I would also suggest filling in the openings of the rear fenders on both sides unless you want rocks and dirt tearing and scratching at your paint on a regular basis. If you used the ducts as brake cooling then there is a benefit of leaving them open and porting them to the brakes. I might still have some pictures but sold the car around 1990 time frame. You can make the rears handle 195 50 15 comp TA tires. The only bad part is the original fit was not the best and had to be modified and ground to a better fit. Make sure you make an inner fender because you will be cutting the joint away between your original inner fender and the original quarter panel.


I believe Sandy is his Jim Cooks Daughter. It's been a long time since I called them but I think he passed away more than 15 years ago. Like I said it has been a long time since I talked to him.


Good luck

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Here is where I am at now...had to do some creative metalwork (fiberglass to come next) to get the front airdam to follow the lines of the car.


Sandy is Jim's widow...nice woman, still in the business with a new name: Sebring Tuning. http://www.sebringtuning.com/new/main.html. I bought the last complete kit off of her a year or so ago, but she does have some odds and ends left, not to mention other z products collecting some dust in her warehouse in Orange.

front end-small_thumb.JPG


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I know this post is really old but I'm trying to see if a business is still around. It's  Cooks Body Shop, 338 w plan (or pelon?), Orange CA. I have a postcard sent to this place, in 1948. 

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