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S-30 Door Interchange

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Of course, it goes without saying that for us 2/2 owners none of this applies, we are stuck with the limited number of parts and wrecked z's that are 2/2... I suppose that this just gives us more incentive to repair and resurrect our cars. having said that i am sure the internal parts and strikers etc interchange, so all is not lost.


This is an interesting topic for those of us that were fortunate enough to wind up with the 74s.

I've located an early 74 with a good set of doors complete with regulators and glass.

I'll be able to inform as to the fit on my late 74 soon.

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I know this is a little old, but I'm glad I found this. My passenger door has been missing the lock cylinder, I bought new ones and upon removing the driver's side I was able to see that someone clearly tried to remove the lock from the passenger side by yanking it or beating it out from the outside of the door, as the metal is all bent up around that. I also no longer have the retaining clip, or the arm that connects to the lock cylinder for the passenger door. So I hope to find some doors that don't have the side molding trim on them. Now that I know I have the range of 70-76 to look for that makes life easier.

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Not only that, but the actual frame in the chassis is slightly different. Meaning the door won't seal properly if you manage to fit one door a non fitting chassis.


The hinges will fit without any problems, and you can even get the to "fit" along the body lines.


My first Z had a 75 door on a 78 chassis, pretty much is the cause of my floors disappearing before the previous owner gave it to me :P


Is this actually true? This is the only time I've ever heard of the doors fitting differently.

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Got some pics for ya.


The orange one is the early series one 1970 240-Z VIN 2848

The white car is a ’75 which has the same door as the ’76.

The pinkish/Maroon car is a ’77.


Hinges for all doors appear to be the same in the same locations.

Body Strikers. Orange = ’70. White = ’75, Maroon = ‘77




Door Strikers. Orange = ’70. White = ’75, Maroon = ‘77




’77 door with panel removed. Note the 4 MAGENTA circles. That is the ’77-’78 window track adjusters. The MAGENTA Arrow on the window crank points to the early crank location, pre’77. The GREEN circle shows one of many new lock revisions and the GREEN arrow points to the earlier door lock location.





Hope this helps,


Hi Paul,

I am new to this form and wanted to ask a door hinge question. I have a 76 Z and the door hinge pops and knocks real bad when opening the drivers door. Looks like the hinge rides on a bushing that might be worn out. I have cleaned and lubed everything. Any sugestions on how to fix this?



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