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t-56 information needed

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Man, I have had a heck of a time trying to find information for the t-56, and I know it's here, I've seen it before, gah... I've tried so many search types, and I have either been getting little to no results, or I'll get a bunch of LS1 conversions.



I was hoping that maybe we could create a sticky with anything you might need to know, like; dimensions, fluid capacity, preferred fluid types, inner shifter boots that fit the Z's, bellhousings/conversion kits, electrical plug part #'s, etc, and anything else that may seem valuable.


Hope fully this would help anyone else looking for similar information.




What I'm looking for is the preferred fluid. I was lookin at Amsoil, but it seems Royal Purple makes a good fluid too. Is there one in peticular that works well with the t-56?




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Gear ratio's for GM 6-speeds, even the ZF.



Six Speed Manual Transmissions, 1980 - 2008 GM Rear Wheel Drive Transmissions


RPO -Trans Name -First -Second -Third -Fourth -Fifth -Sixth

M10 -Tremec 85mm -3.010 -2.07 -1.43 -1.00 -0.840 -0.570

M12 -Tremec T56 -2.970 -2.070 -1.430 -1.000 -0.840 -0.570

ML6 -ZF S6-650 -5.790 -3.310 -2.100 -1.310 -1.000 -0.720

ML9 -ZF S6-40 -2.640 -1.800 -1.290 -1.000 -0.750 -0.490

MM6 -Tremec T56 -2.660 -1.780 -1.300 -1.000 -0.740 -0.500

MZ6 -Tremec 85mm -2.970 -2.070 -1.430 -1.000 -0.710 -0.570

Link - http://www.vibratesoftware.com/html_help/html/GM/gm_transmissions.htm



'93-'97 T56 have the 2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1.00, .74, .50.


'93 and ealier

2.97:1, 2.07:1, 1.43:1, 1.00:1, 0.80:1, 0.62:1, and 3.28:1 reverse



I think these are correct. Someone chime in if they are different.

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the oem fliuid is dextron 3 but the oem automatic honda will help it shift smoother


here a link to d&d performace a supplier for t56 parts




a link to the t56 service manual can be found at there site




btw a good way to wire the reverse lock out is power it from the brake lights so it will only go into reverse when you step on the brake, ive done this and it works well.


the 93 t56 didnt have skip shift, so it easy to tell the diffrent ratios just look for a mising selonoid. and to help you there was no pre93 gm t56 only 93 and 94-97 then the ls1 series 98+,

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Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.

I work for Auto Gear in Syracuse; we build the strongest synchronized 4speeds on the planet, along with designing castings, transfercases and we're also the east coast's largest Tremec parts supplier. My boss George has been designing manual gearboxes for 40yrs. I don't sell whole units for Tremec, and Im not here to make a sales pitch, but I hope you guys tap me on the shoulder for finding T56 and TKO and even the TR6060 (T56 magnum). If any of you guys have an older conversion with a T5 or even a Muncie or a T10...Im here for you.


I've got a T56 catalog that will cross the dealer part numbers over, to the Tremec parts, which makes them a lot easier to find. Look below

T56 for camaro

I also have them under our Aftermarket tab for the Vipers and Corvette.


All these diagrams and breakdowns are the property of Auto Gear and George Sollish

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I have a T-56 trans that I am putting into a 1971 Datsun 240Z. I purchased it on Ebay and believe it to be from a 1996 vehicle and don't know how many miles are on it. It seems to shift OK as it is not in use as yet. Would like to use you as a source of knowledge. In the process of fitting the trans and 383 SBC stroker into the 240Z. In the process of fabbing rear trans mount.


The goal is to go through the trans and replace what is necessary and beef up the weak spots. Have my own shop and would entertain rebuilding it myself. Would need to fab fixture to hold trans and tools necessary to disassemble and reassemble the trans after replacing weak and worn parts. Are you willing to be a mentor? Have experience in rebuilding engines and small fabrication. Live in Tucson Arizona far away from where you are.

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