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Alternator Upgrade??

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well i figure my vltage regulator is dead since my battery keeps dieing, but my alternator is still pumping out around 12 volts. so my question is i know theres a few different alternator i can swap in. with the 85 maxima one would i have to run new wires to stand the higher amperage? also has anyone bought the voltage regulator plug from MSA?? was it worth the $20. What have you guys done with your charging systems? my cars a 240z 72 with a 280z motor with carbs on it

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There are many alternatives from 60amp Z alternator all the way to 100+amp GM (yes GM) units, it all depends on your budget, mechanical skills and mostly your needs or future needs, such lighting upgrades, stereos/amplifiers, cooling fans etc..

Do an alternator upgrades search and you will find many well documented threads.

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I did this on my car and it fixed my issues.




Go jiggle the fusible links on your car with the headlights on, when I did it it made my car run better until it would short out again and stop charging the battery.


The red light would turn on when it would 'disconnect.'


This guy is having a problem as well - the FL suck.

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