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Formerly Evil Z lq4/t56 widebody 240z

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I have been on this board for a little over a year so i thought it was tome to start my own build thread. Last spring i purchased the shell of Clive's (evil c) old Evil Z. Its a 73 240z. The car will receive a lq4-t56 combo that will eventually have a turbo and the body is getting an imsa wide body. Last summer i repaired all of the rust on the front, Fully seam welded the front clip, installed new sub frame connectors and undercoated the front clip. Also every suspension component i am reusing was taken down to bare metal and painted. since the fall i haven't had too much time to work on it due to my last year of college but ive started work again. Last weekend I got the front end rolling freeing up some jack stands and started getting the rear quarters ready for the massive tires and 300zx rear subframe. Here is a collection of the progress so far.















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Guest Jay Shev

Coming along man! I love seeing all the projects like this on this site. Really sparking me to get out there and get one started myself. Cant wait to see more!!

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What wheels, Tires, offsets are you going run?




The wheels are stock cobra r wheels with 10.5x17 rears and 9x17 fronts with 24mm offset. The rear subframe is now fitted and after a meeting with the local z club i should be able to align this properly and get this thing really rolling.






I havent decided how the front is gonna be but I want to a flare or sort of widebody. Im gonna wait untill i can see the car together and running to decide.

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Wow. Thats exactly what I plan to do with my car........ I will be going with the q45 rear but other than that. Definitely subscribing to this. Maybe we can keep each other motivated.


The second pic is what Id like my car to look like.



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just to update everyone on this car, I bought it in September of 2010. I'm planning on finishing her up over the next few years. I was originally going to swap my '75 280Z over to a LS1/T56, but then decided to start with some fresh metal. This car had a lot of things I was planning on doing, already done so it made sense. I still have my '75 so I can keep driving that when this one gets me frustrated. This way I don't rush the build.


I'll get started on her in a few months when I finish college, and (hopefully) get a job back around home. For now, I'm planning on doing a '02 LS1 or LS6/T56 with the R230 and hopefully I can get the 300zx TT rear subframe to work. I'll be using the IMSA rear flares, and I'll probably get some flares for the front as well.


Once I get started on her, I'll make sure to start up a build thread. I've got most of my inspiration to get into these cars from this forum. I've always been a muscle car guy at heart, but I fell in love with the Z as soon as I drove one. So this is the best of both worlds!

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