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Just picked up the impossible to find 11110-20P00 rear sump pan

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Just picked up a impossible to find no longer available 11110-20P00 rear sump pan in perfect condition and never been used. If anybody needs one let me know. I have a few pickups that I can modify for this pan.



I just had to have it so I bought it and I don't need it. lol




post-3499-086447400 1280186505_thumb.jpg


post-3499-030096900 1280186451_thumb.jpg


post-3499-043485300 1280186129_thumb.jpg

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Hey !


I know this post is like a zillion years old.... and it's a longshot....but thought it was worth a try.... you don't by chance still have this oil pan don't you?  Desperately looking for one for my RB26DETT 260Z Project


Please let me know,



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