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Last June I caught the Z bug and had to get one. A week later I was 500 dollars in the hole but plus one 1973 Datsun 240z. The engine was currently sitting in front of the car when I bought it, and the exhaust actually ripped off the car loading it onto the trailor, so I wasn't too keen on putting it back into the car. I wanted something a bit more modern.


I've always had a love affair with older cars due to their simplicity and the fact that "lightweight" 40 years ago didn't mean "under 3500 lbs". However, I'm a younger guy and have always been facinated with modern engines. So this is why I started the project I did...


...that and because Ron started one at nearly the same time only about 40 minutes away letting me know that it COULD be done :D



I'm not anywhere even close to done as of right now, but I don't exactly have a ton of pictures to show, but I do have something else.


I've been keeping track of what I've been doing on youtube, taking a video every once in a while to show what's going on. You can find them all by searching for "Thomas' 240z Project" or you can just click on this link and then find all the rest of them


Episode 1:

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So it's definitly been a while since I posted any progress on my car, but now that RTz has kinda dismantled his, I thought I'd show this pic for everyone who was a fan of his awesome creation.




I need to make the engine mounts now, and then shorten the shifting arm, but the engine and 6 speed fit surprisingly well. I've already torn the car down to nothing, and plan on media blasting it and doing it right. You don't get a ton of chances to completely redo a car like this the way you want to, but I've been trying to do the best I can to make it worth while.

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We've talked for years about doing this...what are you going to do for engine management? A standalone system? Also where did you get the six speed from? It has been a while since I sold my S52 powered M3 but I thought they were all 5 speeds? Any way that is an amazing project, if they can get one stuffed into an E30 why not an S30? BTW did you consider an S54? That would be crazy...I actually bought my Z4 M Coupe simply because it reminded me in so many ways about my first 240Z....then my wife got knocked up, of course!

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Engine management is switching to OBD-1 electronics and getting a chip from Turner motorsports to tweak the new DME to get rid of speed sensor amoung other things.


Six speed comes from a Z4, it bolts right up. Mine is from an 07 3.0si


I considered an S54, but they are a "tad" more spendy, and you pretty much have to go standalone.

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I already got the wire harness and DME from a 94 325i, as well as the MAF, knock sensors, crank sensor, and the other sensors you need. When I actually do the conversion I'm planning on documenting the whole thing correctly and not finishing the damn thing with, and just the sensors, or and use the rest of your M50 parts.


There have definitly been a few guys who have helped me out tremdously though, so I'm very glad for their assistance.


I'm not the first person to do this swap though, however the first guy already dismantled his, but from everything he said, it sounded pretty dang sweet.

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Hi.., is this project still rolling along ?


Just thought I'd motivate you a bit... Now i just need to find a car to slip these into :)




I also have this one...




Personally I think the S38 is the perfect BMW 6 to put in a Z. With the glorious throttle bodies it resembles the webber setups. The S38 also looks old-school and from an esthetics stand point fits the engine bay better then an S54. But my god what would a 2000lb Z car feel like with a 320 rwhp, 8200 rpm redline S54 !!


Anyway, love all the Bimmmer / Z-Car build threads. It's fueling my desire to go out and buy a car :)




88 M5

Soon to have a Z

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