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Borg Warner EFR Turbocharger line

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The only thing I don't like about these turbos is the "Technical guide" kinda sucks as a technical document. Maybe i'm a picky engineer but.


What is the max EGT? 

What is the max turbine speed?

How much oil pressure?

What are all the tolerances for the bearings? 

What is the output signal of the speed sensor. 


For a 126 page document there is sure a lot of bullshit non-information. 

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Jon from Full Race got me the answer. So FYI

-max EGT for the EFR turbos is 950C
-max turbine speed is rated in terms of "tip speed" and 560/ms.  The specific RPM that 560m/s tip speed occurs depends on the diameter of the specific compressor wheel in question. 
-oil pressure is regulated by the built in oil control orifice.  Pressure range is stated as 30-100psi. we've had motorcycle and ATV customer engines at 15-20psi oil pressure and no issue surprisingly.
-bearings are m50 races with ceramic balls in aluminum cages (silver plated).  Dimensional Tolerances are considered BW proprietary information and not shared outside of their internal engineering center.  
-most of the EFR compressor wheels have 14 blades which corresponds to 2917 Hz (except the 6758 which uses a 12 blade wheel)

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