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73' LT1 240Z Build

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Nice thread. I just bought my F body donor for $750 -


Did any of you guys who parted out your Camaro develop a parts/price list? I don't know the cars well and I sure would appreciate a copy of any pricing posts/for sale ads/spreadsheets etc. that you might have created in your partout.


I will be sure to make my own thread and offer updates and any lessons learned.

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Hey guys read the post, Drop me an email and I will send you a bunch of my old price lists from parting out.

It's on the computer at work so I can send it out on Monday,

I also got a lot of advice from the real expert Clive, evilZ, in fact he sent me one of his LS1 camaro part out lists and what he sold stuff for as well when I strated parting out.

They are 3-4 years old now but you'll get the idea of what stuff is worth.

The most wanted pieces from the Trans AM were:

#1 the plastic shifter boot ring, you can name your price on this item, they are all broken and no longer made. I wish I knew this I sold it for $15 and then had people offering me up to $80 for it.

#2 Side skirts

#3 Firebirds especially the hard plastic top dash panel with the defroster vents, They are all usually cracked

#4 anything to do with the pop up headlights

#5 Honeycomb tailights and the center Bird panel

#6 drivers side front fender

#7 Rear spoiler, I sold my whole rear deck to one guy

#8T-Tops and everything with them for an install into a hard top roof, yes this is a rather easy mod and common, under the hardtop there is factory welded mounts for the t-tops all you need to do is cut the skin along the line. you need the one piece door/roof gaskets intact so be real careful in removing them, go slowly separating the glue, save and package all the screws clips other trim pieces etc and sell as a package.

#9 The 10 bolt rear end check for 3 or 4 wire and if posi you can get some good money for it

#10 Catalytic converters are always in need

Front bumper, rear bumper, power mirrors.

Oh an uncraked battery tray/overflow bottle, they are all cracked.

I know I'll think of more when I look at my old lists.



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nice, whats wrong with it?


Guy had the heads done, throttle body, and port matching up top. Got it home from the shop and his unemployed dad said, "son, let me show you how to drive that." Romped on it, got the rear end loose, locked up the brakes, and next the car is doing a Dukes of Hazard jump over a center median. Front frame is tweaked, front bodywork is a loss, but the built motor and 6-speed are flawless :)

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