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    Working on my Z... Duuuuuuh. Just kidding. I also work on motorcycles and I have been known to work as a giggilo. I like to work out sometimes. And some day I hope to become a Nija, once again, just kidding.

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  1. Hi there, need some help. I am building my edis system and I want to make sure that I have my wheel mounted correctly. I have the timing pointer at 0 degrees (TDC) and then I have the VR sensor pointing at 6 teeth left from the missing tooth it looks like this ... please let me know if I did it wrong. Thanks, Matt-
  2. How to mount an EDIS wheel for $0.75

    Alright! The bolt holes are M6-1.0 the reason they wouldn’t work for me before is because they were so full of rust and dirt that nothing could be threaded. I cleaned them out with an M6 tap and boom M6-1.0 works perfect! Mystery solved!
  3. How to mount an EDIS wheel for $0.75

    I just tried 1/4-20 nope why the F would they make a thread that can't be found Why Nissan WHY!!!!
  4. How to mount an EDIS wheel for $0.75

    I can not figure out what size bolts go in the front of the pully. I bought M6-1.00 and that only threaded in one thread. So I'm guessing the pitch is off? are they M6-0.80? there were bolts there to secure the pully for the power steering pump right!? So what size are they
  5. Supra 440cc injector CLIPS

    Thanks Chickenman... I just bought the clips from the ebay link you posted. they might take a while to get here (coming from china) but for $10... I can wait.
  6. Supra 440cc injector CLIPS

    seattlejester... did you buy the "top slot" or "bottom slot" injector clips? If you have any photos that would be super! thanks!
  7. Supra 440cc injector CLIPS

    Hi Guys! I'm slowly acquiring all my parts for my L28 TURBO build and I've hit a wall. I can't find injector clips for the 440cc Toyota supra 7MGTE injectors. I tried ebay and got burned on a set of 6 clips that stated in the sales page that they would fit the 7MGTE injectors (it was only $12... but ... grrrrr) Annnnnd they don't fit . So does anyone know a good source to buy new ... or used... Injector clips. thanks a bunch! Matt- P.S. Shout out to Pallnet... Just ordered a fuel rail from him. Great seller!
  8. Low compression!!!

    All the plug wires are “new”. Like 10 years old new. No damage from using the spark tester. Cap and rotor are fine. Any thoughts on how my engine sounds? Also... anyone else notice the puff of smoke in the right upper corner of the screen? What’s that about?
  9. Low compression!!!

    I got some time today and I checked the voltage at the coil. It’s 8 volts with the key in the on position (car not running) and it fluctuates between 8 and 11.8 volts with the car running. Does that seem right to you guys? I also made a video of the engine reving how does my engine sound to you guys.
  10. Low compression!!!

    this is the tester at the coil The instruction on the package state that for HT spark it should be at 30. Lawn mowers and weedwackers are 20. At some point I must have read a thread on how to bypass the ballist resistor because I did... I checked the voltage at the coil and I got about 5v shouldn’t it be 12? Or does it go in 5 and come out 12v. I also check my battery and I’m getting 14.6v when running. The engine runs exactly the same with the spark tester on or off It stumbles either way. I think I’ve always had a spark issue but I’ve never looked into it.
  11. Low compression!!!

    What does the ballast resistor look like? Is that the white ceramic rectangle under the coil? Or is it tiny cylinder with a wire coming out of it 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Low compression!!!

    ok ... here’s my $hitty spark
  13. Low compression!!!

    Well... I think I’m gonna build this turbo L28 and if it doesn’t work ... then I’ll welcome the 2jZ swap. I found a new problem today... intermittent spark 😡 i put a spark tester on my #1 cylinder and I got a very intermittent spark. I made a video but it wouldn’t upload. I have an electronic distributor from an 82ZX... so no points. And the coil is the original 72 240z coil. so let me state right up front ... I don’t know anything about electronics. I suppose it could be the coil so I’ll check that first tomorrow. But if it’s not the coil then it would have to be the distributor ... right??? im gonna switch to ford edis anyway with my turbo mod so I guess I should do that first. Any suggestions or tips? 👍🏻
  14. Low compression!!!

    Hi guys. So I did some more testing. I got the engine up to temp and tested with WOT and the results... 100psi in all 6 cylinders 😐. So let’s recap 1. Valves are adjusted properly 2. Timing is correct 3. Head gasket is good and tight. 4. Engine was a TOTAL rebuild about 20 thousand miles ago. 5. I put about 5ml of oil in each cylinder and got a bump of 20 psi in all 6. So with oil on a hot engine with WOT I get 120 psi in all 6 cylinders. Should I do a leak down test? The engine runs and revs fine. In answer to “Softops” question... I did build it to be a turbo engine. I just never got around to it. I’m not sure where to go from here. Do I chase this down or do I just say F-it and put a 2JZ in there and call it a day?
  15. Low compression!!!

    I took a few photos. I checked the timing and it looked fine except... the bright link was on the 3. Isn’t it supposed to be on the 1? I know the 1,2,3 are for timing chain stretch but my timing chain has maybe 20 thousand miles on it and I’m pretty sure when I put the head on I had the shinny link on the # 1 position. 🤔 then I started thinking about it... doesn’t the bright link move around with every rotation of the engine🤷🏻‍♂️ Man i suck at this. I finished my valve adjustments. They were almost all about .001 to tight. I retorqued the head bolts to 60 ft/lbs. I think they were torqued to 55 last time I put the head on because I was able to turn it a little tighter until I got a click at 60lbs i ran out of time to run a compression test so it’ll have to wait till Tuesday.