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  1. Thanks for all your work making this happen arif. If the price to ship is going to run over what the original price is I have no problem making that right. Can't wait to get mine!
  2. You're right about the wilwoods, from anywhere else though the prices were around 600 for hats and discs and 400 for just discs. Arif It may be worth sending some pm's to the people who haven't paid in case they haven't checked this thread in a while.
  3. Unfortunately hats and rotor discs are astronomically expensive. But so are custom rotors so, here we are.
  4. Looks like r33 rotors are only good for the rear swap. I'm looking into getting some rotors made custom for this swap. If there's any interest I will try to do a group buy. Payment also sent. Thanks Arif.
  5. So from some digging it looks like r33 4 lug rotors will fit with no modification. Either way count me in for a set.
  6. personally I just have charge port that plugs into the cigarette lighter, idk if you don't have one or use it for something else but it work just fine for me.
  7. what kind of mileage is poor? what's your drivetrain like? 4 speed, 5 speed? i may be wrong about this but it's my understanding that when you go WOT any and all adaptivity from the ecu goes out the window and it runs basically full fuel demand, obviously mitigated a bit by the fpr. i have an 81 zxt motor in my 77' and i get black smoke when i get on it. a little isn't necessarily a bad thing. i would be more worried if it was affecting driveability. the fact that you seem to be getting normal A/F ratio's under all condition aside from WOT would make me think everything's working just fine. 10
  8. After a quick google search, I found this http://www.240sxforums.com/forums/s13-240sx-89-94/100027-s13-s14-rear-caliper-same.html "the calipers are the same, the bracket for the ebrake is different" "The brake hose fittings are the same but the S13 calipers have a 35mm piston and the S14 calipers have a 38mm piston. The e-brake cable holders won't swap because the bolts holes are cast in a different location. You can put the s13 e-brake actuator lever on the S14 caliper but you'll have to bend it up a little to clear the S14 cable holder. They use the same pads."
  9. when are you planning on doing it? I live north of seattle but i wouldn't mind taking a trip down to give a hand.
  10. I was super nervous going into that job, but once i got into it, it all just kinda fell into place. id say follow the stock routing and you should be just fine.
  11. I can't tell you what specific lengths you might need for doing your own brake lines, but i did do a custome brake line setup on a guys old truck from pretty much the master all the way to the calipers. if you're patient its Easy to bend the lines by hand. just make sure you have the right size fittings and tube diameter. idk how confident/experienced you are but if you are any kind of mechanically inclined brake lines are pretty damn easy.
  12. BTW everything looks awesome! You gotta let me know how you like the BC's. I've been eyeing those for when i finally get some coils.
  13. Out of curiosity, why is it that you'd want someone else to pull the trans? manuals are pretty simple and as long as you have a good jack you can probably have it out on the floor in under 2 hours. If you're scared to do it I'd be more than willing to help. I'm planning on doing my 5 speed swap soon so i could use the practice haha. for the drain plug you might look into getting one with a rubber seal attached to it, so you're not getting new seals every time you change the oil.
  14. Can't say I knew John, but its hard to spend time here and not see his name pop op. RIP
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