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  1. Yea it's got a Quaife in it. BW T5. No idea on the headers, but I'd like to run the full Kameari setup - 6-1, and race exhaust. Do you think they'll clear the comp pan?
  2. Thanks for the reply. Here are a couple pics.
  3. Good evening HybridZ. Last year I bought a stroker race car from Erik Bernstein in Los Angeles, CA. I flew out from TX and made the deal, and got to know him and his wife Jenny. Unfortunately Erik passed away this summer when in a motorcycle accident when a car came into his lane head on. I stayed in touch with him, but never got a full rundown of mods or who built the motor. I'm sure we discussed it, but I was in the process of moving at the time and it was on the back burner. I have begun to tear down for a refresh (chassis only, engine has 26 hours on it) and I'm hoping someone can at least point me in the right direction as to who built the engine. Heres what I know: The obvious stuff, CCWs, AZC? suspension, Wilwodds, etc. Based on our past conversations and digging through here, it's a 3.1L stroker, tripple weber 48 carbs running electramotive. Basically I'm looking to see if anyone is familiar with the engine builder so I can get specs. Thanks in advance!
  4. Absolutely. The engine defines the car.. I'm an L6/RB/2JZ guy. I like the NA stroked cars (like mine with triple weber 48s), the whoosh and blowoff valve noises (my old L28ET) and the smooth, balanced, surge of power that comes with the newer inline 6s under boost. I do not like V8s. Any of them in this car. My M5 has a wonderful V8 and it's a great fit for the car. I personally would never do the swap on an S30.
  5. 1977 Dastun 280 JCR Cal Z

    Nailed it. 7-8k, tops. 15k if were painted and cleaned up throughly but even then it's a very dated build.
  6. I was in the same boat and pulled the trigger on TTT. This is now my spare bedroom... Full suspension, front and rear brakes with ebrake, kaaz 2 way. Go big or go home.
  7. WTB: 250GTO

  8. Ordered. Along with everything else they make for the Z.
  9. Our new D Brinkworth flares are ready

    Looks awesome! Thanks for coming out with new stuff!
  10. Disregard. Posted earlier https://datsunspirit.com/
  11. 240-280z headlight covers and louvers

    Damn.. How did I miss this. You let those go for a fifth of what they're worth.
  12. New car! Ferrari 360

  13. New car! Ferrari 360

    Thanks. I don't know if the pump has been replaced - very extensive PPI was done and it seems problem free but it's a Ferrari so who knows. I will be replacing the relay regularly.. The headers can easily be done at home - but not MY home - I live in a condo. The shop that does the work on my M5 is doing them this week. Rick
  14. MSA Show Pics 4/26

    That green Z is GORGEOUS. Wow. Rebello? Drivetrain specs?
  15. New car! Ferrari 360

    LOL. The car is ridiculously roomy on the inside and has a very wide and open cabin. I have subs behind the seats and am 6' tall... absolutely zero issues. It feels bigger (up front) than my E39 M5. And yes, a lot of people do buy these cars (among every other high end sports car) as status symbols - I am not one of them. I bought it because it's a mid engine, 5v cyl, 8500rpm, flat crank V8 that makes beautiful sounds. It has one of the prettiest aluminum bodies even penned and if produced by one of the winningest car manufacturers ever. I'm a car guy and I'm lucky to call this MY car.