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  1. Anyone in GREENSBORO NC look at a Zcar???

    Great to hear that there is a shining light at the end of the story. Sorry to hear that we were mislead by these scam artists.
  2. 240Z Storage Find

    PM sent....I can get it titled here, just a long process...since I own a dealership, I can drive on dealer plates until the title process is done..
  3. Anyone in GREENSBORO NC look at a Zcar???

    Nah, only 4hrs away
  4. Anyone in GREENSBORO NC look at a Zcar???

    PM sent via here and FB
  5. 240Z Storage Find

    Let me look into the title process here in SC...I am a licenced dealer so that may help. Looking to replace the 70 I sold a couple of years ago. Shoot me some pics of yours and I will figure out the title problem...when you say not clear...what exactly do you mean
  6. 27 spline 4 bolt CV companion flanges

  7. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/90094-subaru-sti-torsen-install/ Been there done that
  8. Carbs Hoard: Mikuni Weber TWM

    Do you still have the TWM manifold?
  9. Nov 70 240-Z for sale

    The more i contemplate this, and the more I think about it...I was really foolish to sell mine...however, had I not, I would be teaching my kids to drive in a sorted race car that they had not earned the right to drive...so.....
  10. Nov 70 240-Z for sale

    I'm Looking
  11. Clifford Header

    Good a place to start as any
  12. Clifford Header

    Ummm, No, I was a Datsun owner long before I opened a shop....while i do work on Z's...this piece is for my own build...hence the post
  13. Clifford Header

    ...and we are back in the Datsun business. Clifford Research 6-2 equal length header, let the parts acquisitions begin!!!
  14. Nov 70 240-Z for sale

    SMH....I got the fever and now wishing I had not sold...Dammit!!!