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  1. Shift

    Need some advice.

    Always check floor pan on these cars. reach under the car and start knocking on the front and edges of the floor Good was to see if it has some major rust issues. Also look at how the radiator support. see if there is some uneven gap between that and the rest of the frame. good way to tell if it was in an accident .
  2. Shift

    Advice for a rocker replacement?

    if its JUST the dog leg portion. then I don't think you need a jig. Maybe a piece of pipe that runs across the door opening just enough length to where it doesn't move. The dog leg is just sheet metal. If its the actual rocker, then I would tack a X brace in the door way.
  3. Shift

    Isuzu Intercooler

    pretty ingenius little mounting setup. where did you get the IC from and what model isuzu?
  4. Shift

    Anyone shop Kroger last week?

    Man. now I want some goldfish .
  5. first 2 idk. switch: is it on the side of the console? Could be the antenna switch. Mine hav=d a toggle switch on the side of the center console.
  6. Shift

    LSD availability

    240sx LSD aren't compatible to first get Z because of spline count from what I've read.
  7. Shift

    Curves/bends in sheet?

    don't gave a english wheel.
  8. Shift

    Curves/bends in sheet?

    Um... I know what lead loading is already. idk how lead loading will help me make a flared box. They have body fillers for that type of work.
  9. How do make bend in sheet like a trumpet? I have limited tools so, something simple. I've been trying bangin on some pipe, but doesn't seem to be as acute as I want. Basically trying to make a box that is flared at the top.
  10. Shift


    I always feel wary when I hear a response with word logistics in it, and apparently the person Doesn't know english very well, another sign of trouble , when the person in charge of responding to inquiries can't respond properly.
  11. Shift

    townhouse and welding

    Well. An uneducated lady from my take. the UR light coming from welding is more of a risk than actually starting a fire, though thers is still that risk of fire. Next time be like, So you want your kids to be blinded by my welding then? I weld on in the driveway all the time, but I always face the garage and have the RV on the lift of me and my other car on the right. So no one complains until I start grinding.
  12. Good to hear. Just curious, will reporting this affect your premiums? To fix key scratches, you just need to dry/wet sand down to where you don't "feel" the scratch and then spray a new coat.
  13. Shift

    Apartment living + welding

    Another option is to take a class.
  14. Shift

    Video: Vacaville Z Social Meet

    that rx7 looked out of place
  15. Shift

    FWD rotary honda

    O_o How does that work:p