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  1. 460Z Ford 4.6l DOHC

  2. Between turn 4 and 5 witn Yorck as passenger.

    This is actually coming onto the front straightaway.
  3. IMG 0066

    Thunderhill raceway coming out of turn 13.
  4. image

    I replaced the power steering pump because it had a seal leak. The power steering pump drivers the hydraulic brake booster.
  5. dyno

    I'm assuming this result is due to a pretty restrictive exhaust manifold. ?
  6. Contorted exhaust manifold.

    The horse power restriction is in the exhaust.
  7. 4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    Making my steering, exhaust and oil filter all work together was a nightmare. I used the Cobra intake to allow the engine to mount as far rearward as possible and the engine is mounted low for a low center of gravity (and to accommodate the Cobra intake)....the result was cutting and welding the exhaust, replacing the oil filter mount with an adapter (Moroso Remote Filter Adapter 23681). My steering rod is very close to the adapter as it is. One of my pictures shows this mess.
  8. 4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    The thing I would do differently is to not take breaks from working on it. I would take a couple months off and forget what I was doing, especially the electronics. My objectives were to keep the stock appearance (more or less), no hood modification, keep the center of gravity low and keep the engine as far toward the rear as possible. This is gonna be a track car, it is nearly there.
  9. 4.6 DOHC / 280Z

    I've done this swap. Check out my picture gallery.
  10. Coilover build

    I have driven this Z with these new coil overs. I used 275 lb. springs in the front and 250 lb. in the rear. Wow is it stiff! I'm not sure what would be the best spring rate.
  11. Coilover build

    Step by step coilover conversion...pinned write up. thanks to thehelix112
  12. IMG 0920

    Brought the 4" intake out front of the radiator.
  13. Modify stock Z drive shaft...

    Checking fit before welding Ford 1310 Yoke/U joint to stock Z drive shaft. The output yoke is Ford 1330...using a conversion u joint 1330 to 1310.
  14. driver side view

    90% of the engine is behind the front wheels, which made exhaust and steering very difficult!
  15. t-45 tranny

    This clutch slave did not work.