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  1. 240sx suspension prep

    From the album Maichor's 240SX suspension in a 240Z

    Cut the floor under the tool boxes for 240SX suspension swap
  2. Maichor's 240SX suspension in a 240Z

    The pictures of this swap were on the old site and don't work anymore. I often get questions about the pictures so I am trying to get them back here so they can be viewed. This is a complete swap of and 240sx rear suspension setup into a 240Z. The build thread is in the suspension forum
  3. From the album Maichor's 240SX suspension in a 240Z

    This gives you an idea of where it will sit. It is actually about 3/4" further back than the stock location as the stock Z has the wheel about that far to the front of the wheel well, plus it worked out better for mounting points this way.
  4. From the album Maichor's 240SX suspension in a 240Z

    The areas I have outlined are added material to strengthen the area.
  5. From the album Maichor's 240SX suspension in a 240Z

    This view is from above and shows where you will need to reinforce the floor for a mounting point. I welded 1/8" plated over the existing floor and tied it into the frame I built that runs longitudinally along the car.
  6. suspension 040a.JPG

    From the album Maichor's 240SX suspension in a 240Z

    Rear mounting points for the 240SX suspension.
  7. If you ever decide to run a set of fronts only for a 240z, let me know. I already have an S13 rear suspension and don't need adapters for the rear.
  8. If this has been thoroughly covered before, feel free to delete this. However, I couldn't seem to find anything on the search for this. "AC" is only two letters long and so it won't even take that query. I know there are members that have done this before. I even remember reading some posts, but like I said, I can't find anything now. SO . . . What are your experiences with these kits or other options? I know Vintage Air has servo driven units. I don't want the hassle of the vacuum controlled systems. Has anyone used an aftermarket system like this or adapted one from another vehicle? Thanks.
  9. Turbo LS1 240z Build

    Looks good. Are you planning a hood scoop or are you leaving it open as is?
  10. I lost 2 nuts today....

    3 pages of this? THIS IS THE BEST THREAD EVER!
  11. get a darn fire extinguisher...now!

    Having done a lot of welding on my project, fires are the rule, not the exception. A good set of lungs works on undercoating, etc. for little welding fires. If you are not welding bare metal, it is to be expected. Just don't be foolish enough to think it is safe. I have 3 fire extinguishers in my little 2 car garage, just in case something really lights up. Good advice.
  12. Looking really good. We need a video!
  13. Anybody going to Texas Motor Speedway for this event? It is Oct. 2, 3, 4th. I know it is late notice but did not find another mention of it. I'm planning on taking my 3 boys and the wife to check it out.
  14. LS1 on Engine Test Stand

    My oil pressure does that too and goes higher as rpms go up. LS1's do tend to run higher oil pressure and temperature than previous generations.