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  1. 4L80E Question

    Actually was looking into a 6L90, waiting to see how my friend likes his LS3/6L90 combo first.
  2. 4L80E Question

    Been gone a while I guess. We fabricated our mount for the 4L80E and had to make room for the trans control plug on the drivers side. Other than that it was pretty straight forward. I am now going twin turbo with my 436 LSX and converting over to E85, it never ends...lol Mike
  3. Looking at ditching my nitrous system on my LSX 436 and adding some dual Borg Warner S366's 66/73. In order to do this and make it street friendly I will need to drop my compression down from 11.3 to 1...yikes. I am currently running a single bouche 044 pump but will have to add another one to the mix, do you plan on pump gas (93) octane or E85? I am on the fence as to which one to choose, I hate the thought of chasing E85 around plus the winter blends suck. Very nice set up by the way, looking forward to hearing more about it! Mike
  4. Any pictures of intake manifold, would love to do something like that with a direct port nitrous set up.
  5. Thoughts on a rear end?

    A narrowed 9" is probably overkill, maybe an 8.8" narrowed would be a good option. Plenty of those to be found.
  6. What pinion angle did you come up with when installing the 4L80E? Just curious as I am trying to get mine dialed in because I am tired of listening to the rear end whine/howl!
  7. Turbo 5.3 Dyno

    Looks like fun, I am entertaining switching over to a turbo set up.
  8. Camshaft Recommendation

    You said you were having a 6 liter built, is it a 6.0 with LS3 heads or are they cathedral port 6.0 heads? If they are LS3 heads meaning it's an L76 or LY6 motor with 5364 0r 823 casting then an LS3 cam is fine. If it's a 6.0 with cathedral port heads you will want to stay away from an LS3 type cam as they are spec'd completely different from a cam built for a cathedral port head. Cams for cathedral port heads will have a tighter duration say 232/236 duration, a LS# cam would be more like 232/241 due to the poor exhaust flow and exceptional intake flow.
  9. Ohio Mile Sep 30-Oct 2.

    Congrats on the new best, pretty impressive doing it in a 40 yr old car!!
  10. I am running an R200 LSD out of an 1989 300ZXT with added clutches. My 1970 240Z has had between 550 rwhp and 700 rwhp for yrs and runs mid 9 1/4 mile passes and has never broken, cv axles have but not rear diffs. I had a r180 in mine yrs ago and it went boom the first time I hit it with 300 rwhp.
  11. Lsd gear oil

    I run Castrol 80/90W LSD gear oil and add the LSD additive as well.
  12. Great build and even more cool is the time and travels with your father...very nice!
  13. With the engine and transmission sitting so low and the rear differential sitting so much higher have you looked at your drive shaft angle/degree? Just wondering as my John's kit (sits higher) with 4L80E was a bitch with the angle/degree being 6.3 degree's...way to much driveshaft angle.
  14. 240Z rear inner lower control arm bolts

    Thanks John, I sent you a message! Thanks, Mike
  15. Needing 1 inner lower control arm bolt, nobody has one. Tried all the shops and can't find the dimensions to go look for one at a nut and bolt specialty shop. I have a race next weekend so am trying to make it, let me know. My car is out of town at a shop so I cannot pull the other one to get measurements etc. Thanks, Mike