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  1. *Update* First let me apologize for the lack of updates, i recently accepted a new position in Maui and have been preparing myself and my family for this move. With that said let me catch everyone up on the Z (will get pics added here soon as well). After completely stripping the Z down to its bare chassis i have removed most of the cancer from her int he engine bay area. Dash is getting repaired as well. Bushings and brakes are being replaced. Plan ahead is to get the engine in place, i will be doing the wiring for this swap ( if anyone out there has any insight or advice on this please feel free to share). As much as i hate to say this my intentions for now is to get the car running so it can be shipped to Maui. Once i receive her in Maui i will continue the build on her. If anyone has any tips or advice for me that could help me in this matter please share. Also i am interested in seeing some of your exhaust setups as i plan to weld my own exhaust up as well.
  2. Jeez that is sick i would be all over that if i owned a 370...
  3. DIY: Spare tire well fuel cell cover

    Awesome write up definitely one ill be referencing for my swap
  4. refreshed '78 280Z in NC

    I love this color and gnose setup, and your artwork is real awesome as well.
  5. You guys are awesome this is will help loads for me.
  6. yes thats perfect, i am going through this process at the moment on my 280z before i swap in my Lt1/t56 combo. Another question i had when drilling the new holes how did you keep the stock hole location or did you just drop one rail and mark the new rail with the old ones locations and replaced each rail as such. Thanks again for this information.
  7. Wow now those look good more pics please...
  8. Modern-Motorsports 240SX rear caliper brackets

    Thanks for clearing that up, sorry too ask such a basic question ...
  9. thats looks very nice good stuff ...
  10. Modern-Motorsports 240SX rear caliper brackets

    forgive my ignorance so does this mean i can run rear 240sx disc brakes or is there more needed to make this happen. Thanks in advance and sorry for my ignorance on the matter....
  11. Can you guys show some pics of this please...
  12. sweet i was wondering if the stock radiator would be able to handle the LT1 nice man very nice. If its ok i would like to pick your brain some to make sure i am going in the right direction as well . Update wise yesterday didn't do much went ahead and pulled the transmission from the engine and rearranged and cleaned the garage for next week fun times. Here's pics of
  13. Got off from work did my 2 mile cardio workout and immediately jumped to pulling the l28e and trans out of my Z (soon to be for sale)... Here some pics sorry we started around 6 and finished a couple hours later.
  14. Thanks Julian yeah this will be good fun with us both building our Z's at the same time. *Small update for the thread replaced the starter and block ground wires, fluids as well on the Camaro and she fired right up. Drives great and shifts smooth. So that's a big relief not bad for $1k. Now at the stage of removing sound deadening and prepping the floors to be replaced.