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  1. Looking for help. I am going to start putting together a motor soon and I have all the fasteners mixed together due to sitting in storage for a while. I also have access to bolts at my work if I am missing anything. I am hoping that someone has a list of what fasteners go where. Did anyone purchase the Bolt Kit from Zcardepot and has pictures of the stock list or something? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. joey.youssef

    G Nose Headlight Covers

    Hey Mark, Do you do the standard light covers? If not, any plans to?
  3. joey.youssef

    Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    Do you have the flow numbers of your ported head?
  4. joey.youssef

    Price Check - Used R200 3.9 LSD

    Sorry - not selling, Found one for myself and the guy told me to make an offer and I wasn't sure what is considered a good price.
  5. joey.youssef

    Price Check - Used R200 3.9 LSD

    Looking for what a used R200 3.9 LSD goes for these days?
  6. joey.youssef

    WTB - Fidanza Flywheel #143281

    Looking for used or new Fidanza Flywheel for my 280Z. Part#143281
  7. joey.youssef

    240Z or L16 Connecting Rods

    Looking for L-Series Connecting Rods from L24 or L16. These rods are 133.0 mm (5.24") LG.
  8. joey.youssef

    Why L28 Piston Deck Height?

    No I haven't.... I just received my parts back from the machine shop and waiting on a few more items before I start assembly and taking measurements. Iv'e just been doing calculations on what to expect and something not making sense. Just wondering how/why the books are so off from real life. 0.020" is a lot to deck a block and everyone seems to be in this area and I don't think everyone has a decked block.
  9. joey.youssef

    Why L28 Piston Deck Height?

    This post is to find out if anyone knows why the L28 motors have negative deck height when running flat tops (piston sticks out of block). From reading different people's post I see that the deck height measurements are roughly 0.017"-0.025". I never understood why when looking at the measurements from "How to Rebuild Your Nissan & Datsun OHC Engine" L28 specs: Block Deck Height = 207.85 mm Connecting Rod = 130.2 mm Piston Pin Height = 38.1 mm Crankshaft Stroke = 79.0 mm This should give a positive deck height of 207.85 - (130.2+38.1+(79/2)) = 0.05 mm (.002") I was just wondering if anyone knows why in real life we get a negative deck of ~0.5 mm (.020")? Which of the above numbers is not accurate to real life? Am I missing something.
  10. joey.youssef

    Racer Brown 325R Cam Spec

  11. joey.youssef

    Change Username

    Hello, Can one of the admins change my username to jy.s30z if it's not to much trouble. Thanks in advance!
  12. joey.youssef

    82-83 turbo dizzy

    In need of a turbo distributor for megasquirt conversion on my 78' 280z.
  13. joey.youssef

    What gasket to use? Need help

    Hello, I have 1978 280z... The head is cracked so I am replacing it with a P79 head. I am wondering if someone has experience putting a P79 head on a N42 block. Does everything line up properly? I am buying a complete gasket set for my 78' 280z but do I have to buy the head gasket for an 81' 280zx to match the P79 head or would they be the same? My build is going to consist of the following: N42 Block rebored New Flat top pistons Grind camshaft if needed with new bearings P79 Head resurfaced (0.010") with complete valve job Remachined stock cam 245-270 degree with lift .460" Headers/Exhaust K&N Cone
  14. joey.youssef

    L28e Cylinder Head Options

    I also don't want to have to run super premium fuel since this is a daily driver in the summer..... What is a good compression ratio to try to achieve when I am milling the head deck and boring out the block if I go with this P79 head flat piston block set-up?
  15. joey.youssef

    L28e Cylinder Head Options

    Need some help on what I should do to my 1978 280z. I had to change the head gasket due to coolant leaking into the combustion.... When I sent the head to the machine shop for resurfacing they found that it was cracked near the exhaust valve on cylinder 3... I read that this is common with the N47 heads. I am looking for a replacement head and I found a P79. I was considering buying the P79 head and resurface it along with a valve job. Then I plan on getting new flat top pistons (0.020"-0.040" oversized) and replace the dished pistons I have in my current N42 Block and obviously I will have to bore out the block.. I currently have 2.5" exhaust, headers, K&N intake. Is this the correct step I should take or should I look for N47 or N42 head instead? I plan on using the stock cam. Thanks in Advance