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  1. marinez

    74' 2+2 New Build + Question

    Depending on what you're doing for a transmission, the stock one, modified for length and of course the correct u-joint.
  2. Jesus that sucks. My driveshaft seems ok lengthwise. I will send the flywheel out when I get it.
  3. The car was previously converted to a 327. Just changing to manual.
  4. Woohoo!!!! Thanks so much! The bellhousing has the pivot, and I'm off and building!!!
  5. Hi guys. Survived my final deployment and subsequent duty at 13 Area, Camp Pendleton. 25 years is enough. Anyway....onward. My Z is nearly done. I have the early v8 Camaro t5, the bellhousing, driveline, and such. I need to remember which flywheel works..(I have the staggered bolt starter) and I keep hearing noises about a Jeep master cylinder and slave combo. I don't start receiving my checks until July, and I am just getting back to civilian work because SCREW SITTING AROUND. Hence...as inexpensive as realistically possible...help! If anyone has part numbers or pics of what you did...Id appreciate it. I'm still navigating this new fangled phone my girl got me...so forgive me if I haven't pored through the forums yet. Semper Fidelis Ssgt
  6. marinez

    Dash surgery, first time.

    Ok..so I tried this myself. Wanted to share with you all.
  7. marinez

    Dash surgery, first time.

    Ok..so I tried this myself. Wanted to share with you all.
  8. marinez

    Wigenout-S30's Z

    Cool! Am mid way through my 327 build. Good luck!!
  9. Ok...I just need to establish if the tach has power. I have signal from the hei.
  10. Crud.. ok...so essentially I have to connect the HEI to the factory harness. I'm concerned the tach itself isn't receiving power.
  11. Ok so remember this is HEI. Big cap.
  12. Shoot. I forgot to ask what the correct voltages should be.
  13. Stock tach with pot reset.Stock harness at rear of tach.