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  1. '78 280Z resto mod

    I apply seam sealer and let it cure, then I primer and paint.
  2. '78 280Z resto mod

    Tack welds then seam sealer. 3M 08505 seam sealer is what I use but I am trying out a tube of 3M Dynatron 550 on those patches I put on the rear inner fender. It's about 1/2 the price and appears to be the same product
  3. '78 280Z resto mod

    a little more picture action
  4. '78 280Z resto mod

    more sheet metal repair. the picture with the black coating is the drivers side rear inner fender. The other pictures are from the passenger side. I got the sheet metal cut from the paper template but didn't have time to fold it/bend it and weld it in. Likely do that later this week. I'm hoping to get the gas tank back from the radiator shop this week too.
  5. '78 280Z resto mod

    Right on!!! I've been enjoying the pictures of ol' glory on the datsun facebook groups!!! Tony has been teaching me how to weld and do body work.
  6. '78 280Z resto mod

    I drove the crap out of it on Saturday during ZDayz and had a blast. I dropped the tank off yesterday at the radiator shop to boil it out and seal it. I figure I should be able to pick it up early next week and get it back in that weekend. My buddy is going to be making some more of the Datass emblems soon with a higher resolution printer (mine was printed super low rez as it was a prototype). ill talk to him to see if he wants to sell them.
  7. '78 280Z resto mod

    Don't have any pictures to post but I got the drivers side rear inner fenders welded/sealed up. Still have to do the passenger side rear inner fender though. The other weekend I took her to hwy 129 (the dragon) for ZDayz and had a blast. It was a lot of fun seeing my car keep up with the newer 350z and 370z. I also discovered that the source of all my fueling problems was a bunch of crud in the tank. I dropped the tank this weekend and will be taking it to a radiator shop to get boiled out this week.
  8. Project Dark Z

    looking forward to seeing your thread as your build progresses
  9. '78 280Z resto mod

    Thank you!!! I still need to weld in some sheet metal for the drivers side rear inner fender. After that, other than redoing the floor pans and rust repair on the hood, she will be a rust free car.
  10. '78 280Z resto mod

    was having fueling issues so decided to go ahead and take apart the carbs again and do a full on rebuild. Those Ztherapy rebuild kits are no joke and worth the coin. I should have got their kit back when I first rebuilt the carb last fall.
  11. '78 280Z resto mod

    had some fun with my friend's 3D printer
  12. '78 280Z resto mod

    Don't have any new pictures to post but I got the other side welded in. I still need to weld up the inner fender to seal the hatch area from the outside. Currently I am driving it around and tinkering with tuning the SU carbs. But this thing drive amazing. I'm really impressed with how it handles on twisty roads compared to my '01 Audi A4.
  13. Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Thanks for the part!!! That got here fast
  14. Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    AWESOME!!! Please PM me if you still have it Thanks