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  1. Still slowly grinding away at it. I need to start ordering figuring out things for the interior and I'm hoping I can get the door locks and hatch lock rekeyed
  2. Over a year since I have updated the build. Got her painted and now I'm trying to figure out materials for the interior. You can't see it in the pictures because it's under a port but there is a blue pearl mid coat. I'm posting a link to some video so you can see it in the sun. https://photos.app.goo.gl/7cvLLfhi1Bzyittv8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/USR73ThKHAC8MgkH6
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    I didn't have the vr conditioner pushed all the way in
  4. It's been slow going over the past 5 months but got the Speeduino V.4 ECU wiring harness built and everything plumbed correctly. Here are a few pictures. The 6-1 long tube headers are musical!!!!
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    Thank you jonbill! Yeah I've got a 36-1 wheel with a ford escort 2 wire VR sensor with the signal wire shielded and in it's own harness. The coils are wasted cop in 3 banks of 2. in the next day or 2 I'm going to double check the continuity of the wires for the sensor and if that's good then i'm going to crack open the speedy and make sure that the jumpers are correct for VR.
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    What settings did you use to get spark? I'm not getting signal from the vr. I don't think I feel that we don't have the settings in tunerstudio correct.
  8. Here are some pictures of custom fuel rail, wiring harness, coil pack, FPR and fuel filter goodness!!! What I've got going on here is the coil packs, injectors, sensors...etc will have their own wiring harnesses that plug into the main harness so that if a few years down the road I want to do a motor swap or something else, I won't need to build an entire new harness.
  9. Well even more progress has been made.Decided to stick with the L28 but got a great deal on a rebuilt F54 block with N42 head that has had some work done to it. unsure what kind of work but the cam towers have been shimmed. I got a DatsunWorks crank trigger wheel, LS coils, and my buddy is in the process of machining the fuel rail. I was thinking about running MEga Squirt but decided to try out Speeduino for the ECU. Enjoy the pictures
  10. juxsa


    I think you can if you use the diyauto distributor wheel insert but I think you have to have a ZX distributor for it to work. I ended up just getting this: http://datsunworks.com/page3/page4/ and will be using LS coils wired up for wasted spark and will wire up my injectors to fire the same as the coils.
  11. Anyone running this on a F54 crank pulley with a/c?
  12. necro bump... so how are you liking the ported stock intake?
  13. Just out of curiosity are these still being made? If not does anyone have a cad file for the design?
  14. My money is going to be fuel percolation. The carbs are getting hot and fuel in the carbs is boiling in the bowls
  15. N/m I'm an idiot I figured it out
  16. My friend has access to a CNC machine and can make me a 240sx throttle body adapter for my L28. Anyone have a file they can send me? Or if not anyone know what the measurements are so he can quickly program it? I was going to get the one from AZZcar but he's out of stock for the next 4-6 weeks thanks!!!
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    I'm getting ready to go back to efi and use this system. I should have my speeduino tomorrow or Saturday. I'm really looking forward to trying it out
  18. Those look killer!!! Do they suffer from fuel percolation problems like the old round tops?
  19. I scrolled through your build thread that looks killer. I may have missed it but were you able to keep the a/c compressor?
  20. did you have to swap the 5.3 intake manifold and use an ls1 intake manifold?
  21. What did zfever charge to modify the 370z wiring harness? I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do a vq35, vq37, or ls swap. With the ls I can likely do the wiring myself but with the vq I would just send it out to be modified
  22. What are the differences between this style over the regular round top su?
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